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Columbia SC Hospitals?? - page 2

Hi all, I am a senior nursing student with 1 1/2 semesters left til graduation. My hubby and I want to move to Columbia SC next year. I was wondering if anyone has any information about the... Read More

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    Lexington has been trying for open heart authorization for several years, but so far the credentialing authority hasn't approved it.

    Richland and Providence both have heart hospitals attached. They are only about 2 miles apart. Lex. does have critical care units just not major trauma. They are only a few feet from I-26 and about 4 miles from I-20 so you will get some "lesser trauma" as if ANY trauma is lesser.. Palmetto Baptist is mainly a general hospital, with a great OB reputation. It's in downtown and is my personal favorite as a patient.

    Lexington also does some neurosurgery, but again Richland holds the majority of NS there.

    Providence has a satellite -80 or so bed hospital in the Northeast area of Columbia with maternity, ortho and neuro surgery. I had my shoulder surgery there. Pretty hospital.
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    Providence Northeast also has an emergency department.
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    I was wondering where TangoLima and MUSCgrad2007 ended up working and how they like it?

    I am graduating in a few months and would like to work on a surgical floor while I'm working on my BSN. I'm looking at either the Lexington Medical Center RN residency program or Palmetto Health Richland 8 East I think that's the general surgery floor. I want to go somewhere that has a good reputation for onboarding new grad RNs. I hope to stay whereever I go for at least two years while I work on my BSN and then go to a med/surg tele and eventually CCU/ICU/MICU.

    Any insight from others would be helpful!
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    Is the night shift differentials still the same today?
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    Anyone know current starting salary for new grad nurses in Palmetto?
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    Palmetto's hourly rate for new grads is still $18.90.
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    wow, 2 years later and pay is still $18.90?
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    Quote from LoveANurse09
    wow, 2 years later and pay is still $18.90?
    Unfortunately yeah, but I was told after orientation it goes up $1/hr... if you have a BSN i think it's $1/hr more too.
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    Quote from LoveANurse09
    wow, 2 years later and pay is still $18.90?
    This is a bit depressing considering where I live now (NY) grads start out at $5-$10 more then that! Do I really want to move to SC?
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    Quote from CrunchyMama
    This is a bit depressing considering where I live now (NY) grads start out at $5-$10 more then that! Do I really want to move to SC?
    Cost of living is significantly less in the south usually
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    I've always lived in the south and while the salaries are a bit lower the weather, the slower pace and best of all very minimal SNOW make for my idea of the best place in the US. MHO.
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    I'm a pre-nursing student and starting my clinically fall 2013. Anybody knows if the starting wages for new grads and differentials are still the same in the columbia, SC area?Also seeking some advice about which hospital should I go with, I'm interested in critical care while working on my RN-BSN.Also considering applying for Providence apprenticeship summer program. It's 6 weeks but wondering how much they pay. Any help would be greatly appreciated.P.S: VA isn't an option since I'm not a citizen. Thanks