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Why Aren't School Nurses Given Due Respect? - page 2

I am a school nurse in Texas and I work at a large urban school district. Nursing is a noble profession and nurses, in general, are widely respected. Except for school nurses. Many people have... Read More

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    Quote from Soliloquy
    I often wonder why there aren't more school nurses.
    Because there are many who just don't get that we do WAY more than bandaids and bellyaches!
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    Just read this thread a bit late --- just saying you school nurses have MY r-e-s-p-e-c-t.

    But had to laugh when I read OP's "washed up" comment. I thought that opinion was only used for us LTC nurses, and night shift nurses, and baby nursery nurses, etc.

    Isn't it amazing how so many in the general public (and even our own) have such poor impressions of the vital variations within our profession?!?! Yeah, until they need a LTC nurse, or a night nurse or a pedi/baby nurse. And you school nurses are right up there with all of us other non-hosp nurses who are terrific.

    Thank you for doing your job.
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