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In my school there has been a gentle transition where everyone is beginning to address me as Nurse D instead of Mrs. D. I don't mind - i mean it is my title - but then i got to thinking about how it may come off as snooty or... Read More

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    i'm from the old school when everyone address each other by their last names, however, these days and being in the states it's more relax so i answer to my first name or even when they butcher my last name, which it's not difficult to do " mr. nurse eleutiza".

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    The school that I work at mandates that the students (teenagers, it's a high school) call all staff by their last name, so I'm required to be Ms. Smith (not my real last name). I have a hard time every time I introduce myself to a student I haven't met yet because it's not natural for me to introduce myself that way. I was a substitute teacher about 8 years ago but every other role I've ever had, I've gone by my first name. I was a hospital nurse for almost 5 years and I obviously went by my first name there.
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    Refer to my picture... Nurse Joy is totally acceptable
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    I have been referred to as Nurse Amy... or Nurse. I think it's cute when the little ones refer to me as Nurse Amy. This wasn't a choice on my part... the teachers just kind of implemented it on their own. However, I think it's pretty nice, and not snooty at all. We earned our title!
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    Quote from Jolie
    My last name is a tongue-twister. When I first met my MIL, she informed me that I was never to refer to her as Mrs. Tonguetwister, that her first name was preferred. Over the years, I have come to equally detest the constant butchering of my last name, which is even more tongue-tiwster-ish when following Mrs. (It almost rhymes.)

    So long ago, I began to ask children to address me as Miss Jolie, a common tradition in the South, where I used to live.

    It works fine in school. Miss Jolie, Nurse Jolie, doesn't matter.
    I have a last name that is regulary mis-pronounced. So I go by Nurse Stephanie.

    One of the K-garten diabetic students calls our health aide "My Trish". She is very cute and we've let that go.
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    All I can say is that I'm glad you asked this question, because I wondered it myself!
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    As an aside, I was a bit surpprised about this thread. To get to work, I go by a shopping center, a McD's, some banks, etc...

    What I preferred to be addressed as is another different thing, entirely.
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    When my son was school, I was on a first name basis with all his friends....he has been long graduated and now for the most part it is Ms. Lastname, a few kids will call be by my first name, but that is usually only after a long relationship....makes no difference to me. One teacher calls me "Flo" short for Florence Nightengale and another refers to me a "doc".....all with respect and good humor!.
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    I go by Mrs. last name or nurse last name
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    Mrs. C or Mrs Nurse some staff cal me nursy poo

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