Walking Pneumonia

  1. Just wondering if anyone has experience with school exclusion for "walking pneumonia." An MD says it is safe for a kid to return to school tomorrow but I wonder... he was just diagnosed today.
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  3. by   schooldistrictnurse
    Do you have a 24 hours on antibiotics policy? (If he was put on antibiotics)
    Does the child feel well enough to attend? Has the student been out already with this illness? Just some thoughts
  4. by   Flare
    I'd request a minimum of 24 hrs on antibiotics, excused or modified PE for a few days following return to school and a contingency plan from parents if child feels too wiped out for class.
  5. by   intheweeds
    I was also thinking 24 hours on abx as well as modified PE. The MD did not write a note but supposedly just told the family that the student is 'fine to return to school.' We have no policies here except the ones I write...
  6. by   Purple_Scrubs
    If that is the case, I would require an actual note from the physician. In my experience, you cannot take the parent's word for it. Unfortunately, there are some that will tell you anything so their child does not have to stay home
  7. by   Dimple58
    No, I haven't. Unless the physican authorized the student to stay at home I have never heard of exclusion because of "walking pneumonia. The school needs the doctor's note in order to justify exclusion or admittance. The physican overrides the nurse in what she be allowed or not. I would call the doctor and ask for limitations but to just write my own could get me into trouble. Maybe you could tell the PE teacher to allow him to do what he is able physically to do. Make his teachers aware if parent doesn't mind. But yeah I would deal with the doctor first. Hospital is different than the school setting. Let us know what you decided.
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  8. by   caliotter3
    Agree with Purple Scrubs. Would require a written doctor's note to allow back in school. Gosh, I've been told to bring a doctor's note to return to work. I would not want the responsibility of figuring out who said what to who, when push comes to shove.
  9. by   MinnieMomRN
    Yup. Get the MD's note so you don't end up "with the boogie-woogie blues".

    *sorry* Its Friday, and I couldn't resist!
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  10. by   intheweeds
    Thanks for the input everyone! I often have trouble reaching doctors. Anyway, I had the parents ask the doctor to fax a note over. I also had the student come to my office and told him to come in if he feels unwell. He seems to be doing well