"They have a cozy cot in there"

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    That's what the kid said who was not sick but referred to it as "an option". Umm no, not an option. No fever, no blood, no puke-go on back to class. Kid has a nurse for Mom-back to class and early to bed little one.

    Not an option. Tsk tsk
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    Sometimes when kids are complaining of a belly ache and I know they aren't just sleepy I let them lie on the cot for a few minutes. It's amazing how quickly they get bored and ask to leave if they aren't really sick!
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    Oh and mine is not cozy-no blanket and no pillow. Don't want them to get too comfortable!
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    I had a student that was sent to me to "take a nap" (high school student) because she took Allergy medicine this morning and was sleepy. She apparently couldn't keep her head up and eyes open. I agreed, but told staff I will not make this a habit. Student asked where her pillow and blanket was and I explained there is only one pillow with a plastic cover on it. She rolled her eyes and asked to go back to class. Allergy miracle.
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    I will let them lay down for a few minutes as well...no blanket or pillows in my clinic either, and when they ask why I go into great detail about germ transmission, types of illness & symptoms, etc....they usually are on their way back to class in 10 minutes ;P
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    Haha reminds me in HS when we were tired would just go lay down on bed in infirmary (was a separate room with two beds), no nurse, just had to tell front desk. Good thing it was a guarded school secret.
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    i do have a blanket -but i only break it out for the ones that are waiting and waiting, shivering and lying there with raging fevers. All others do not get that type of service. And besides - it's not like it's anything luxurious - it's army surplus.
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