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All, Is there a documented disorder/disease where a person's temperature is clinically greater than the thermometer reading? I'm drawing a blank as to what it could be. I have a mother who wants a courtesy call or pick up call... Read More

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    Quote from Jolie
    An individual with a compromised immune system may not be able to mount a febrile response to illness, but I suspect that if this student had an immune disorder, you would probably already know that.

    My guess is that Mom read an article somewhere stating that a skin surface temperature or tympanic temperature is probably a degree or two lower than a rectal temp. and is making up her own rules. I wouldn't bother with asking for a pediatrician's note. I have a feeling the doctor's office staff would have a good laugh over that. How about Mom just keeps the kid home if she believes he is sick?
    I agree. If mom wants it different, then get me a doctor's order. ;-)
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