Raising kids while being a school nurse?

  1. I was wondering if any of you school nurses have worked full time as a school nurse while raising young kids (under 5). Is it harder because you are working 5 days a week? Or is it easier because you do have a school schedule and somewhat shorter days? I have been thinking/trying to go back to school with the goal of becoming a school nurse, but one thing my husband and I just starting thinking about was that we will probably be having kids in a couple years and how to manage childcare. My husband's thought is that it might be too stressful working 5 days a week while having young children. My thought is that I would have a school schedule which means more days off for holidays and summers and that once the kids are school age, it would be ideal. What are you thoughts and experiences?
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  3. by   luvthegsp
    I personally think that you should pursue what you want and the rest will fall in line.
  4. by   Flare
    i have a 3 year old, a full time job as a school nurse, a per diem job as an ADN at a local hospital and a very understanding hubby! My daughter has been in daycare since last september and she loves it! She's the type of kid that thrives on structure and socialization. That's how we manage.
  5. by   100kids
    My kids are older (7 and 12) so it's easier for me having similar hours/days as my kids but I think you can make it doable at any age. There are lots of people by me who do daycare for local teachers so if I had a baby I would fit right into that group. If you want to do it you should go for it and find a way to make it work whatever comes in the future.
  6. by   OTconsideringBSN
    So basically, it is pretty doable? That's encouraging to hear! Thanks for the feedback!
  7. by   kegmom
    I started as a high school nurse 2 years ago when my children were 11 months, 3 and 4. My hubby works nights so he is home during the day (but sleepy). This schedule works out way better for our family then my previous one working 3-11 at a hospital doing the every other weekend/holiday thing. Now I am home when my kids are home and we have more quality family time. It can be hectic but I really love my job!
  8. by   danceluver
    Do most school nurses work part time or sub? Is this possible? Is this an option as something to do on the side, if you like pediatric care but have another RN job to help pay the bills?
  9. by   Nurse ABC
    It's one of the best nursing jobs to have while raising kids I think. Where else do you get summers off, all holidays, winter and spring breaks and snow days off. You'll have the same school schedule they have. Those first five years go very fast and once they are in school it is ideal. It is hard working five days a week at any job esp with very young children but if you have to work full-time I've found this to be the easiest on my family. If you don't have to work full-time then don't until they get older if at all possible. We have lots of part-time and sub nurse positions in our school system every year so I've worked full-time and part-time. I much prefer the part-time but full-time is very doable. Our district pays well so I can get enough money from part-time but some don't so be sure to check into that as well. Good luck!