A new argument against lice checks in school

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    You might get stabbed!

    A Kingsville Elementary School parent was arrested Wednesday afternoon after allegedly bringing a knife on school property when she came to pick up her child because she had head lice.
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    Wow. I know lice still carries an unwarranted unclean stigma, but...

    I've had parent annoyed when I tell them they need to pick their child, however, this is scary.
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    Wow, how crazy!!! I sadly always worry about this happening after a CPS call, but never after a lice call...
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    Have a feeling this might be me soon, I've had to send a student home 12 times this school year with lice. I don't even call anymore since mom never comes and picks her up when she says she is on her way. Past few times she doesn't even return my multiple calls! I have also asked her to bring in a new inhaler for brother since were down to 4 puffs, "oh I forgot" guess the 5 times I asked before wasn't enough notice! Thankful it's a 3 day wkend, Christmas break was just not long enough!!!