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What do you do for... The dramatic kid that constantly gets 'injured.' The one that 'twisted' his ankle & hops in to the office escorted arm in arm by 2 other students. The one that can't put any... Read More

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    Quote from CrazyTrainRN
    mustlovepoodles: Love your post! It made me LOL because I identifiy with you. I agree with you on every point made regarding students, parents, etc.

    To be honest, middle school is my least favorite age group and the hardest age group to deal with, in my opinion.

    What type of nursing are you looking into now? Just curious.
    At the moment I'm just taking my time and volunteering at a local food bank.I suffered a serious bout of depression last year and I'm still recovering, getting stronger every month. I don't want to work full-time anymore. In the past my life became very unbalanced so that I was all caregiving, all the time. I have a severely disabled son who requires 24/7 care. My DH is also disabled and is not able to completely care for DS. So his care and upkeep is pretty much up to me. The main break I get is when DS is at school--then I can do things I want/need to do. Very recently we began getting 2-3hrs nursing care for him in the evenings, to help exercise him and get him ready for bed. It has been a huge help. I'm trying to get my life back in balance with meds, diet, exercise and helping others whether paid or unpaid.

    My ideal job would be working 4-6hrs/day 2-3 days/week. I have NO desire to work in a hospital EVER again.No nights, weekends or holidays. I really don't care if I even continue working as a nurse. I just want something fulfilling to keep my hands a little bit busy. Right before Christmas i got a nibble from a different school system, so i'll be looking at that. And I recently got a nibble from a parent who is looking for someone to help with their autistic 3yo and new baby, kinda like a nanny(mom works from home.) Whatever I do, it will have to be a very good fit. I don't need a job thats going to stress me out more than I already am.
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    LOVE that!
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    great cartoon. I always expect a flood of students when they show that childbirth video in health.
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    I always get a ton of them on blood drive day. They are fine when they leave the donor area but then when they get to math class they become mysteriously woozy!