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by a parent who brought his child to school even though he vomited in the classroom yesterday. He was told yesterday that child was to stay home today and then LIED to the teachers that he was... Read More

  1. by   ruby_jane
    Y'all are my favorites.

    Seriously this has gone beyond the realm of NurseWorld. This is now an administrative issue. You don't have to be the bad guy (nurse) here - it's policy.
  2. by   NanaPoo
    Quote from SullyRN
    Oh we give out a bicycles to those with perfect attendance for the whole 9 weeks. All names go into a drawing. So then parents are just as crazy as the kids, if not more. kid can be MISERABLE and parent will still send them.
    Kids still ride bikes? Kids still go outside?
  3. by   Eleven011
    Quote from NanaPoo
    Kids still ride bikes? Kids still go outside?
    We actually have very full bike racks from kids riding them to school. Also in summer, bikes can outnumber cars on the roads by the city pool. Small town USA!
  4. by   Cattz
    Quote from Amethya
    I had this yesterday too... and they didn't puke in my room, but some did complain of stomach cramps, that didn't go away. So I told their parents, and some of them did get picked up, but some told them they are fine.

    Then I had one Kinder kid who got in trouble because he said a bad word and he came in saying he was "sick". and that he "Threwed up" in the bathroom. I kept him my room for 15 mins, he was fine. I called his mother, told her what happened and his mother gave him a new one and he went back to class. He was still complaining and I talked to him that basically what he feels is being nervous because he did something wrong and he knows that he's in trouble. The only thing he can do is take responsibility for what he did and know that he shouldn't do this again next time, it's called consequences. He understood and went to class and apologized to his teacher and he sat in his time out spot. He later gave me a hug. <3
    This makes my heart so happy. My oldest grandson is in Kindergarten. I love your approach
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    Has anyone recently gone through the Northwell Health Orientation process? I am wondering about the pharmacology exam. Is it taken at home or on site?
    I think there are modules to do at home, but someone mentioned a pharmacology exam.
    If anyone has specifics about this I would greatly appreciate any information.
  6. by   Amethya
    Quote from Cattz
    This makes my heart so happy. My oldest grandson is in Kindergarten. I love your approach
    Thank you. It's just sometimes, kids don't understand what they're feeling and think that they are "sick" but in reality it's just their body reacting to what's going on, which in this case, was he was feeling "guilty " and "scared" because he knew he would be in trouble at home and in class. So when I explained to him why he felt this way, he understood why.

    Hopefully he behaved better today, but he hugs me each time he sees me.