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I am going to make a machine that once it hears a toilet flush it will yell, "WASH YOUR HANDS!" This won't just be for the littles, but the adults as well. Yuck. I only have a handful of kids that... Read More

  1. by   Supernrse01
    How about something that the teacher can enter little one's symptoms and it will tell them whether or not they should send the student to the clinic, like a common sense detector Ex: One itchy spot on arm with no rash or welp, started 30 seconds ago = DO NOT SEND TO THE NURSE. Headache that started as soon as you requested math homework be turned in = For the love of all things good and holy DO NOT SEND TO THE NURSE.
  2. by   moreoreo
    Quote from Jen-Elizabeth
    I feel like this is the thread I can once again share the awesome CDC poop poster
    I am going to see if my district nurse will allow me to put one of these up on the bathroom door! Both sides of the door!

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    How about a mechanism where the bathroom door doesn't unlock unless the toilet is flushed, hands are hashed and the sink is turned all the way off!!
    My aide remarked the same thing today, almost verbatim, after a kindergartener changed his poopy underwear, came out, and sheepishly shook his head "no" when we asked if he washed his hands! My idea is maybe when the toilet automatically flushes the sink should automatically turn on
  3. by   GmaPearl BSN RN
    I have that great CDC poster on my health room bathroom door. Everyone who reads is says yuck

    When a kid gives me a questioning look after being reminded to wash his hands post toiling, I say, Think about where your hands have just been...
  4. by   WineRN
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    Ice maker that automatically bags the ice!

    Another version of the wash your hands idea - a door that will not open until the toilet was flushed, sink water turned on, soap dispenser used, and the finally the towel dispenser used! With a dribble on the seat sensor as well.

    A parent's phone that sends an automatic "new number" notice to school.

    A door sensor that takes everyone's temperature as they enter. Lights flash, spotlighted student, alerting "Infected, Infected, go to nurse immediately, do not hug friends, do not share pencils, do not collect perfect attendance!"

    I am ready for Shark Tank!
    I am new here and I already need all of these in my life!

    I want to create a stamp to use on my nurse passes that says something like "No medical problems, keep in class!" so that way I don't see the same kid 3 times for "feeling chilly" or other silly reasons
  5. by   Beldar_the_Cenobite
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    I did the signs, and it's like they don't even see them. I even had to put one up that says "Dry Your Hands", because for the few that do wash, they never dry.
    Make multiple signs. One for the door handle, and the area where their eyes would commonly look at, eye level near the door handle and on top of the toilet seat where they lift but that one is in BIG letters. Make that sign on the toilet say "How many times have I told you? Wash your hands!". They'll get the redundant message lol