How do you get a job in school nursing? How do you get a job in school nursing? | allnurses

How do you get a job in school nursing?

  1. 0 I live in Northern california. Have been a RN for 20 years in PACU and would like to get into school nursing. Any advice?
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    In order to become a school nurse in California, you generally need a bachelors degree (BA or BS)and a school nurse credential. The pay is pretty good and the hours are great, with summers off.
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    I'd contact the California School Nurse Assocation for details re: educational preparation and continuing education. I got a job in school nursing at a school nursing conference. Volunteering during screenings is anotehr way to make contacts.
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    School Nursing with good pay? Never heard of that. Here in NH a sub. makes 75/day and that is per deim pay. Regular school nurses make about 15/hr.
    Good Luck
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    Actually there are several school nurse positions listed in California NurseWeek:
    1) Alhambra School District- $53,420/yr
    2) Downey Unified School District- $4,291/mon
    3) Placer Union High School- $22-$49/hr
    4) Stockton Unified School district-

    I assume School nurses are paid well here in California because of the strict educational requirements. Also, because of the recent school shootings, many schools districts are looking to expand on their school nurse programs in response to the problem. Some states are using some of the tabacco settle ment money to fund these programs.
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    california here I come!
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    I would TOTALLY love to be a school nurse.
    Does anyone here know of a website for Arizona?
    Any information on how I can find a job in AZ?
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    Does anyone know how to become a school nurse in Georgia. I only have an ADN currently. and I am also a new grad.
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    Each state has its own credentials. I am pretty sure you can be a school nurse in Georgia with an AD. For Georgia's school nurse association to get the definite scoop got to:

    Georgia School Nurses Association:

    Ther are lots of contact names and email addresses. Also, there is a great school nurse confernce this month in Savannah - a great place to network for a job.

    For other state's school nurse associations, go to the NASN web site:
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    I work 185 days for about 52,800 after 20 years on the job. I do not consider this bad, as after all, I get all the rest of the year off!
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    Everything varies. I work for the school district as a school nurse under a nurse who is certified as a school nurse. I am an R.N. and have a lot of autonomy. You have to be lucky and know some people. Good luck!