Gift ideas for a preceptor? (school nurse)

  1. I had a very short (four weeks, one half-day per week) rotation with a very kind, helpful, and personable school nurse preceptor. I'd like to get her a little thank-you gift, and I'd like some feedback from the trenches.

    I wondered what you all thought of getting some "character" bandages (cartoons, smiley faces, etc.)? This is a K-2 facility, and I've heard the nurse apologize to the kids because all she has are the "plain" type of bandages. I've never seen her snacking, so I don't want to get her cookies, etc., and all I've seen her drink is bottled water, so I don't want to get her coffee/tea/etc.

    Also, the school nurse is only in the facility one day per week, so the office staff does the "nurse duties" the other four days of the week. They've been great to me as well, so I thought the "cool" bandages would be a way to thank them as well.

    Does this seem totally stupid? On one hand I think it would be something helpful for all of them, but on the other hand it also seems like giving a vacuum cleaner to your wife for her birthday. Opinions?
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  3. by   Vanescafe
    I say do it! I think it's a cute idea. A well written and grateful card should also do the trick. Or a gift card to somewhere if you are worried the bandages won't do.
  4. by   brillohead
    Thanks! I'm planning on a hand-written thank you card as well.

    Our clinical groups usually do some sort of food treats when we're on a unit for a semester along with a group thank you card, but with the solitary nature of school nursing, there isn't a "group" to do things with this time around.

    I'm afraid that the school nurse preceptors often get overlooked because of the shortness of our assignment with them due to the way our program is structured, but their contribution deserves recognition the same as floor nurses, IMO!
  5. by   Staragate
    The bandage idea is great! Also a personalized pen with her name engraved would be nice. Hopefully it won't 'walk' away like regular pens do.
  6. by   NewbieNurse78
    I would just check with your program and the school. A number of places now are not allowing preceptors to accept gifts from students because it can be viewed as a bribe. In my program that was the case, no instructors or preceptors could accept gifts. That being said I would definitely give her a nice hand written thank you note, but if you program is cool with gifts I think it's a very cute idea and shows great thoughtfulness towards not only the nurse but the kids at the facility. Great idea!!
  7. by   Purple_Scrubs
    My school district only allows "approved" products to be used on the kids, so the cartoon band-aids would not work at my school. You could call to the district office to see if that policy is in effect at that district.

    What about a plant for her office? Maybe a fern, bamboo, or peace lily since those are air purifying plants. I am pretty sure whatever you get will be much appreciated
  8. by   brillohead
    Not only is she only there one day per week, she doesn't even have an actual office! She gets to share an alcove with the fax machine, teachers' mailboxes, and lost-and-found box, so unfortunately a plant won't work.

    I was wondering about the "approved" product thing -- I'll call the district office to find out for sure. I do know that they're using Band-Aid brand bandages now, so if nothing else hopefully I can get that brand of novelty bandages.

    And gifts are allowed in our program, particularly since this isn't even an instructor in my school -- she's just the poor sap who got stuck with me one day a week (like the floor nurses who get to have one of us tag along in other semesters). I have another person who is my clinical instructor who is actually employed by my program.
  9. by   brillohead
    Cool beans... just talked to the district office and they use "whatever is on sale" because they buy so many! And since you folks gave it the green light, that's what I'll plan on doing. (and if anyone has any other ideas, feel free to keep contributing to this thread!)
  10. by   BostonTerrierLoverRN
    I just wanted to chime in the fact that the Preceptor meant enough to you to pick out a gift will mean the world to her. I am sure she gets very few thank-yous, and your "gift" and "Thank-you card" might be more meaningful than you ever imagined. Congrats on finishing your Preceptorship!!!!!

  11. by   Patti_RN
    The most meaningful gift you can give her is to stay in touch periodically in the future. (And, yes, the card and little gift are a wonderful idea and will mean a lot to her). But, every six months or year, send her a note or email, tell her what you're up to and simply keep in touch.
  12. by   Sh0rtyking
    Hey I got my preceptor a mug and she really liked it.
    Mug by nurseii- 201197661

    check the website out they also got other cool stuff there!
    hope this helps you
  13. by   Mozombies
    I am also finishing my preceptorship (also very short!). I had a wonderful preceptor and i think I am going to get him a gift card to a coffee shop or a gift basket. I am not quite sure about the gift basket bc i dont know exactly what he prefers but seems a little more personal than the card. Either way im sure it will be appreciated.
  14. by   GitanoRN
    Quote from sh0rtyking
    mug by nurseii- 201197661

    check the website out they also got other cool stuff there!
    hope this helps you
    awesome website thank you for sharing, i will pass it along to the new students when they come along...aloha~