Food in clinic?

  1. Just curious what your school's policy is regarding food in the clinic? (as in, are you able to give crackers to students c/o stomach ache or just plain hungry?)

    We don't have an official district policy---some nurses don't give out any food at all for fear of allergies and risk of choking, some do as long as they're eating in the clinic, some send them off with food...
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  3. by   Flare
    i will usually give out some food if I have something to give out and after I've checked the student's history (or asked the older student) about allergies. I sometimes get things left over in the cafeteria that they can't serve - There's a spot in the cafeteria for kids to put the packaged food that they don't intend to eat off their trays - so i end up with a decent amount of juice packs, milks, cereal bowls, graham crackers, cheese, goldfish crackers.
  4. by   fetch
    I get the pre-packaged graham crackers from the cafeteria sometimes - like Flare, the ones kids aren't going to eat, and will otherwise be thrown out. And I always check for allergies before giving them.

    My district has a list of "approved" foods for celebrations, down to the specific brand or store and that it can't be homemade - this is for both food allergies and nutrition guidelines. Because of this, I don't give out any food except what comes from parents (one kid takes his pills with a bite of pudding) or the cafeteria.
  5. by   JenTheSchoolRN
    I have graham crackers, saltines, and juice boxes that I order as part of my budget. While we do offer free/reduced cost breakfast to lower income students that make up a large part of our school, when they arrive late, they go hungry and end up in my office with a stomachache. It pains me, so I budgeted for it and luckily, my school supports it. I, of course, check allergies before giving.
  6. by   coughdrop.2.go
    I have Gold Fishes and Saltines in my office for stomach aches/nausea. I also have little bottles of water from Costco which is awesome because water from the tap isn't very...delicious.
  7. by   Elixer
    I bring my own crackers in the clinic, give some to students who complains of stomach ache and didn't have breakfast. Some of them comes back a few more times . I also make sure there's no nut ing., and the student dont have food allergy.
  8. by   NurseEllie13
    Thank you, all, very helpful!