1. Do any of you in elementary have an AED? Where do you keep it?
    Thank you.
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  3. by   millhouse
    I do... it's mounted on the wall just as you walk in the front doors of the school. Just so happens it is 10 steps from the clinic, but is centrally located!!
  4. by   lissaq10
    We just got one for each of our schools. They are all by the gym.
  5. by   intheweeds
    we are ms and hs, but we have one in the hall where the administrative offices are, one in the gym, and another one the PE coach takes to away games.
  6. by   Flare
    the elementary school I worked in had it centrally located. I'm in a middle school now and have one near the gym -actually located in the cafeteria and i had one installed (brought over from my former elementary school, which closed and merged with another school in district) in the lower level of my bi-level school.
  7. by   Purple_Scrubs
    Mine is mounted behind the secretary's desk in the main office. My office is adjacent to the main office, so it is easily accessible if needed.
  8. by   pvtschoolnurse
    We have one mounted just outside of the nursing clinic and one mounted in the gym (it is in a separate building).
  9. by   blackscrubs
    Yes! Mine is located by our front doors. We also have on in the gym.
  10. by   Heidi the nurse
    Our district got a grant that allowed for the purchase of AED's for all our buildings. They are placed inside the front door in the hallway, accessible at all times there are people in the building.
  11. by   Supernrse01
    We have an AED in all 4 schools. They are mounted on the wall in the office, very near the doors.
  12. by   raidermom
    Yes we have one in my office/lounge area. It is connected to the main office and centrally located.
  13. by   momnurse23
    Thank you all for your replies.
  14. by   Cherry Ames Peds RN
    We don't have them at my schools, and I don't really want them. Kids are unlikely to need an AED and having them requires on-going maintenance and training of staff members. Also, I would worry about the liablility for the school if someone needed it and it was not used for some reason. (I am only at each of my schools part-time).

    I would rather see that money used for programs to promote good nutrition and fitness.

    Just my 2 cents...