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I am a new school nurse and I have been invited to a long list of 504 accommodation meetings. There are 4 each day and last an average of 30-45 minutes. My question is: do I have to attend every one... Read More

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    I can appreciate that not all 504 mtgs need include the nurse - but, I feel that the choice should be mine to make. Why should a non-medical person decide what is medically significant??
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    I generally get invited to them all since I submit hearing & vision screening results for all of them & the coordinator doesn't always know which kids have health issues or which receive nursing services but those are the only ones I actually attend.
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    I too am asked to 504 and IEP meetings when the student has health issues. Also, I often do not get invited to meetings that I feel I should be in attendance. I find out that there was a meeting on a child after the fact and often feel that I should have been part of the meeting. I know that they are time consuming, but there are some meetings I feel would be beneficial for me, the student, teacher and parents if I were in attendance. Things are not perfect in public schools, and trends are set from past school nurses. Changing a trend that has been going on for years is often not an easy task. I am slowly trying to change some things in a school where the school nurse has been employed for 25 years. Change takes time.

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