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I am a new school nurse and I have been invited to a long list of 504 accommodation meetings. There are 4 each day and last an average of 30-45 minutes. My question is: do I have to attend every one of them. In my opinion I... Read More

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    (knock on wood)
    I haven't been asked to participate in any 504s or IEPs yet, though I've done a lot of auditory screenings as part of the process. But I also have a population with few serious issues.

    I agree that if they are asking you to join, and there is no serious medical issue indicated, you should discuss it with the case manager/whoever organizes and remain in your clinic.

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    While I attend all the meetings at my school I do not case manage at all unless it is truly a medical issue. My district has me attend because they feel it is important for me as the Nurse to have a good picture of the health and well being of all of the students in the building. I always ask the parents if their child is on any medication (even though it's been asked in beginning of the year paperwork you'd be surprised how often they have not reported it, it has changed or you find out the orders are still current but they are not receiving the meds for 1 reason or another) and if we believe there are compliance issues I will offer the possibility of us giving the meds in school if we think that may help. So often I hear School Nurses complain they are not told of situations or left out of conversations (by Teachers, Administration, Social Workers, etc) so for this reason I am glad I attend these meetings. It makes the day crazy but it helps me to stay in the loop on our kids.
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    I attend for medical related issues or any student that I need to administer medication to during the day (most of them are ADD/ADHD meds).
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    I can appreciate that not all 504 mtgs need include the nurse - but, I feel that the choice should be mine to make. Why should a non-medical person decide what is medically significant??
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    I generally get invited to them all since I submit hearing & vision screening results for all of them & the coordinator doesn't always know which kids have health issues or which receive nursing services but those are the only ones I actually attend.
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    I too am asked to 504 and IEP meetings when the student has health issues. Also, I often do not get invited to meetings that I feel I should be in attendance. I find out that there was a meeting on a child after the fact and often feel that I should have been part of the meeting. I know that they are time consuming, but there are some meetings I feel would be beneficial for me, the student, teacher and parents if I were in attendance. Things are not perfect in public schools, and trends are set from past school nurses. Changing a trend that has been going on for years is often not an easy task. I am slowly trying to change some things in a school where the school nurse has been employed for 25 years. Change takes time.

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