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  1. Massmagic

    School Year 2015/2016: Who's in?

    I am out this year. I did school nursing for 4 years. It was the hardest job I have ever had. However, I do appreciate the support everyone on this boards has given me. This is a terrific place to seek advice and garner wisdom from experts in the mo...
  2. Massmagic

    New School Nurse: VENT

    Britrn04 Your news is not surprising to me. I wish you the best of luck. The education degree is a great idea, especially if you are young enough to use it. Congrats!
  3. I know that we all have those frequent flyers daily. My school has increased in size this year as one school closed and the kids are stuffed into my building. I have Grades 3-6. I have experience with frequent flyers, but it is just getting to me ri...
  4. Massmagic

    New School Nurse: VENT

    BritRN04, I am in the same boat as you as far as having a downright MEAN secretary. Just this one person can make work miserable. What I have resorted to is to try to get along without the secretary and try not to go to her for anything, but there ...
  5. Massmagic

    Ativan Administration at School

    In Massachusetts, Diastat can only be administered by a registered nurse. I have a student with a Diastat order. I have to go everywhere he goes – meaning, if the school walks to the neighboring school for buddy reading – I have to go. If parent...
  6. Massmagic

    charting in computors or paper files?

    In our school district, we use paper logs to sign off medications that we give and use a computer program for all documentations of student visits. Most programs have immunization logs, screening results and dates, etc. Each school district varies, d...
  7. Massmagic

    Do you do "formal" teaching?

    Blue Moon, Just another note…I am a dental hygienist also and one of the dental assistants that I used to work with took a job teaching Dental Assisting in a Tech School. She loves it. She has been doing it for like 14 years now and loves it. I th...
  8. Massmagic

    Do you do "formal" teaching?

    Hi Blue Moon! Well, I had added stress from doing both jobs - running out when someone in gym needed an inhaler or ice pack and finding time to do my screenings and prep for classes. I enjoyed the classroom setting. There were some classes that I en...
  9. Massmagic

    School Screenings and MassHealth

    I am just putting this out to see if any of the School Nurses in Massachusetts do any MassHealth billing for vision, hearing, BMI, and postural screenings? I guess this is a new thing and am wondering if anyone has discussed this with administration...
  10. Massmagic

    Help - GI bug

    Yas, the letter home to parents never works well for me. It is like mass hysteria when a letter goes home. Plus, the kids think they are sick or going to get sick because they are hearing about it. Just recently our Tech teacher was out sick and when...
  11. Massmagic

    Sub Folder - med list

    I do very similar to FLARE and I also keep a written list of daily med takers times, grade, teacher and med as a fast cheat sheet. But I make a log sheet for all medications, even the PRNs I place the students with Daily Meds in a binder in the very ...
  12. Massmagic

    Do you do "formal" teaching?

    I am a School Nurse in Massachusetts and certified with Department of Education (DESE). Our administration had us school nurses teach the school curriculum HEALTH class last year. The health teacher retired and they decided to have the nurses and co...
  13. Massmagic

    Do you ever miss the hospital?

    I am on my 4th year as a school nurse. I loved my job - the first year. The last 2 years I battled with administration as they did illegal things that involved the nursing department. The administrators did and still do not feel that school nurses ar...
  14. Massmagic

    Annual School Open House

    Great ideas. I appreciate them all. I really don't like open house, but feel as if I should be there to support the school. Thank you all for your support. You all help me every time I post something. THANK YOU!
  15. Massmagic

    Anyone Else Feel This Way?

    School nursing is demanding. I don't know about you but those kids suck the life right out of me. It is OK to take a little nap when you get home. I often get on that couch when I get home and take a quick 15 minute cat nap before I get dinner ready...