Rural Nursing as a SPECIALTY!! - page 2

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Greetings, fellow rural nurses!! I have been discussing this very issue with several co-workers and would like the opinions of all of you as well!! In the 14 years experience I have as a "rural/frontier" hospital nurse, I have... Read More

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    This is so true!!! I think being a rural nurse you have to stay so much more on top of EVERYTHING rather than just one specialty area.
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    This is a message to Camelhappy or ranchwife. I'm new here and I can't yet post private messages. I am currently a nursing student in Alberta and I am very interested in the experiences both of you have written about.
    - Do you have any recommendations for areas in AB or BC? I love the mountains and would prefer to be within a 2 hour drive. BUT, if the job was right, I would make the sacrifice (I'm currently at least 4 hours away right now!)
    - Is it better to start off at a small hospital rotating through all the units or going directly to the ER?