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  1. I found this article to be heartbreaking and absolutely ridiculous!! Can anyone else believe this is happening in the US?? http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20090614/ap_on_go_ot/us_health_care_s_forgotten
  2. mt33133

    Georgia Baptist College of Nursing Fall 2009

    You can get extra money for living expenses through private loans. Though I think now with the economy they are harder to find. I know I had to take out private loans in order to live while going to school. At least now you only have to cover two years instead of three :) Also, try to find a scholarship from a local hospital. You may need to suck it up and get a private loan for this first year and then you might be able to get a scholarship from a local hospital in order to cover some of the costs for the second year. I know Northside, Piedmont, St. Joes and CHOA all offer scholarships if you agree to work for them after graduation. Word to the wise, with the economy the way it is right now and difficulty many new grads are having with finding a new grad residency program slot after graduation, it would serve you well to get involved with a local hospital as soon as possible through some type of scholarship program. That way when you graduate you already are guaranteed a job in a residency program. I work for Piedmont and had a scholarship from them through Mercer and Piedmont initiative. Piedmont had over 400 applicants for their residency program when I applied. They hired 20 - 25 new nurses out of the 400 applications. Start now developing relationships with hospitals in the area and your life will be a whole lot easier when the time comes to find a job. Also, many hospitals offer summer extern programs for the summer between your first and second year. Take advantage of those too. Get your foot in the door anyway possible!! Good luck to everyone beginning the nursing school journey!! You can do it!
  3. mt33133

    IHS - Best Reservation

    Hi everyone - I was wondering if someone out there could give me some feedback on specific reservations where you have had good and bad working experiences. I am a single female and looking to apply to IHS for the loan repayment program for working on an indian reservation. Just have no idea what to expect. Do they provide housing? Do you find your own housing? Do you have private housing or do you have to share with other IHS nurses? Are you isolated if you come through the IHS program or have you experienced becoming part of the Native american community while working on the reservation? Are there ICUs at the reservation hospitals? All of my experience is in critical care, not sure if that is a useful specialty to have when applying to work on a reservation. Any feedback would be much appreciated. Thanks!
  4. mt33133

    Book list for Georgia Baptist Fall 2009?

    You can go online or call the Mercer Atlanta campus bookstore. They should have an idea of the books you will need. The books change nearly every year so it would be hard for someone not in the class to give you an idea of the books you will need. Also, nursing students do not sell their books back, so the bookstore on campus never has cheaper, used books for sell. I had great luck using Amazon.com and half.com for textbooks. I mostly purchased new books, and was able to get them cheaper on these websites. Plus Amazon ships any order over $25 for free so it worked out well. Summer school is now in session so you should be able to get someone on the phone at the bookstore during the day. Good luck! I graduatued from GBCN Dec. '08 and it was the best education ever! I already had a BS degree from UGA and I loved the family like atmosphere of the college and all of the faculty and administrators were great!!
  5. mt33133

    ICU Experience

    Do hospitals in MT hire RNs with ICU experience? I will have 2 yrs of ICU experience by the time I start looking to move out west somewhere. Anyone know which hospitals in MT need RNs with ICU experience? Also, do hospitals in MT pay more for a BSN vs. an ADN degree? Thanks!
  6. mt33133

    Georgia Baptist College of Nursing Fall 2009

    Hey everyone!! Congrats to all you new students starting this fall at GBCN!! I graduated in December and am now in a Critical Care residency program at Piedmont. Unfortunately, those of you starting Fall '09 will be the first class starting the two year model. All I have to say is be ready to bust your behind. I thought the three yr program was challenging, but after hearing they are combining patho and pharm into one course during your first semester all I can say is strap in and hang on. Your first year will probably be the hardest thing you have ever done. But you can do it!!! The faculty and administration are amazing and they will help you in any way possible. It is a great education and they prepare you to take the NCLEX. Most passed the NCLEX from our Dec. graduating class with the minimum of 75 questions so you will be prepared to take the NCLEX upon graduation. I am so excited for all of you. Good luck and let me know if anyone has any questions.
  7. mt33133

    Organ Harvesting Anesthesia

    I know this is an older post, however I have been deeply disturbed by an organ procurement I observed as a student nurse. I was able to speak with the anesthesiologist regarding what type of anesthesia he was using. He said none. I then asked the nurse who was the organ procurement coordinator about why no anesthesia was being used and I was told because the anesthesia would damage the organs. The patient had been declared "brain dead" and apparently because of this determination everyone felt like no anesthesia was needed. However, I am concerned because of all the reports that have come out regarding lack of consistency by hospitals in using brain death criteria established by the American Academy of Neurology. Every hospital has its own policies and procedures. The truth is that we don't know what a patient is experiencing who is lying on an OR table during organ procurement. I guess my question is this, does anesthesia really harm the organs? What is the harm in providing anesthesia during the surgery? I took an informal poll of other nursing students regarding organ donation and no other nursing student knew organ procurement without anesthesia was common practice and I am pretty sure loved ones of those donating their organs have no idea this is taking place either. This experience just really bothered me and I am seriously reconsidering becoming an organ donor, or at least state in an advance directive, etc. that organ donation can only take place if certain anesthetics are used.
  8. mt33133

    Has anybody heard about a cancelable loan?

    yes, I received this loan during nursing school. However, you must qualify via the financial aid office at your school and the # of loans given out are limited. I always completed my tax returns by February 1st each year so I had all my financial info available for my loans, etc. Good luck.
  9. Wow, this is scary stuff!! As a new grad getting ready to begin a 6 month critical care nurse residency program I am shocked by the laziness and attitudes of the nurses described in the situations above!! For me, I have always imagined my patients as if they were family members. Am I providing the kind of care I would want and expect to be given to my mother, father, sister, grandma, etc? There is a good possibility that each of us will end up in the ICU one day, and we will want the very best care possible in order to improve the odds of us making a recovery. It is a shame that some nurses don't feel the need to provide the very best care possible. The ICU is full of very, very sick patients, and to have such a nonchalent attitude is dangerous!
  10. mt33133

    Question for GA baptist Nursing students at Mercer

    I just graduated from GBCN and I took my A&P I, II and Microbiology at GPC prior to applying. They were accepted no problem. When I applied they accepted students on a rolling basis, not sure how they do it these days. I did not have to take the NET when I applied to GBCN and I had A's in all my science courses that transfered. My total GPA for transfer classes was around a 3.8. Good luck to you!!! GBCN is an excellent program. Most of us who graduated in December have taken the NCLEX, so far all have passed and about 75% of us finished the nclex in 75 questions.
  11. For those of you working in more rural areas of WY, what type of RN skill sets/experience would you recommend for a new nurse starting out in nursing who eventually wants to work in a rural area. I am starting out in ICU, but I am not sure that is really the skill set I would need to be an effective RN in a rural area. Also, for those who work in hospitals with NPs, what type of NPs are hired (adult, family, acute care)? Thanks in advance for everyone's assistance!
  12. For those of you working in more rural areas of MT, what type of RN skill sets/experience would you recommend for a new nurse starting out in nursing who eventually wants to work in a rural area. I am starting out in ICU, but I am not sure that is really the skill set I would need to be an effective RN in a rural area. Also, for those who work in hospitals with NPs, what type of NPs are hired (adult, family, acute care)? Thanks in advance for everyone's assistance!
  13. mt33133

    Hiring freeze in atlanta?

    I know Piedmont only hired 18 new graduate nurses hospital wide for their residency programs for grads in December. However, since you have nursing experience, you may find it easier to find a job in Atlanta. I think many hospitals in the Atlanta area still need experienced nurses, but they are cutting way back on the number of new grads they hire because of the high cost of training them.
  14. mt33133

    Georgia BON

    Yes, apparently the GBON is saying it will take them 4 to 6 weeks to post licenses on their website. Absolutely ridiculous. A classmate of mine who moved to Virginia stated she found out she had passed the NCLEX because VA BON had her license posted before she got her results from Pearson Vue. And she signed up for the quick results, so we are talking about VA posting licenses within 24 hrs of being notified by Pearson Vue of passing. It really is just awful that we are all having to wait to start working on the GBON. Many new grads from my school sent formal complaint letters to the Governor's office as well at to the Secretary of State, and basically we all got the same standard form letter in response. Just an example of gov't workers I guess, no motivation to get things done quickly.
  15. mt33133

    Associate Degree Nurses

    Good plan!! Getting a hospital to pay for continuing education is definitely the way to go! Just keep at it and know all your hard work will pay off!! If we are talking about the same hiring manager for the ICU at AMC, then she is a GA Baptist graduate from back in the day when it was an associate program? I hear great things about the ICU at AMC with all the traumas, etc. Keep us posted.
  16. mt33133

    Associate Degree Nurses

    May I suggest that you consider getting your BSN. Even if you could tell the hiring manager in the ICU that you don't plan on stopping your education at the ADN level that would help you out as well with getting your foot in the door. The bottom line is that nursing is evolving to include higher levels of education for entry level nursing positions. The DNP program was established so eventually the entry level degree needed to become a nurse practitioner is a doctorate and no longer a masters degree. Don't limit yourself by only getting an ADN. Definitely a great starting point to get started but continue your education. It is false to think that you only need a BSN if you want to go into management. Most job opportunities, whether it is a charge nurse position, etc. will be looking for nurses with BSN degrees. Most hospitals will choose a nurse with a BSN degree over an ADN degree with the same amount of experience every time, especially in a tight job market like we have in Atlanta.