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Looking for other students who will be starting the nursing program at New England Institute of Technology in January of 2013!?... Read More

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    Shannon, look forward to meeting you!

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    I will be starting the nursing program in January also. My admissions officer is Kerri, She told me I would be receiving a letter in the mail regarding orientation which will be on December 16th. I am so excited to start !
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    awesome! nice to meet you! taking the test tonight to see if i can test out of the computer class!
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    hey, tgnc29! I also heard from my admissions officer, Jeff, yesterday saying they were sending out acceptance letters and orientation info. He said we should expect to be there about an hour on the 16th. can't wait to meet you all then
  5. 0 my letter today. i dont think im going to be able to have my immunization form done by sunday though. hope that isnt a problem! 😁
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    I haven't even looked at the letter, does it say we need it done by then? I'll have to try and get in to see my doctor...hopefully I can get t in time.
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    i talked to my admissions officer andshe said to just tell them youre in the nursing program and it wont be a problem.
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    Congrats everyone on starting at NEIT!! I graduated from that program in March, and I can tell you I have gotten great feed-back from my colleagues about the education that I received! This program really sets you up for success if you work it, it can get INTENSE but so is nursing so it's a good lead in. Good luck!!
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    Thank you! I'm looking forward to starting, and I'm glad to hear you were welcomed into the nursing community!
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    Hi!! Any new updates on your progress @ NE Tech? I am applying at CCRI in February for Fall '13, but am spooked I won't be accepted due to all of the talk/gossip. Needless to say, I have begun exploring additional options. I know several people who attend NET for other fields, but would love to hear from someone who is currently enrolled, and essentially a "newbie". Any info you can provide, from pros to cons, would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks.

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