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I was wondering if anyone had any information about this school. Their program is fairly new and not accredited as of yet. So, im kinda skeptical about this program. It would be nice if someone... Read More

  1. by   sgo1989
    I went for my admissions interview last week, took the first entrance exam yesterday and kicked butt on it! My financial aid is all squared away, all I need to do is take the second entrance exam and I'm in! I'm so excited to start in January!
  2. by   Ffranco
    That's really good I can't go days so I didn't go any further
  3. by   srlopes
    hi, I'm scheduled to take the kaplan Nursing entrance exam next week at New England Tech. I have received the review packet and have purchased the Kaplan study guide book. I am just wondering if there is any additional material I should cover? I was also wondering about the content on the test itself. Is is as difficult as the admissions officer makes it out to be? Are there a lot of spelling/grammar questions? Any information would be extremely helpfull !

    Thanks a bunch
  4. by   junebugger
    Did you end up entering this nursing program at NET? I'm looking to start in the spring and wondering if it is worth it. I hear NET does a great job of placing their students for employment when they are done... true?
  5. by   kld0823
    im starting the nursing program in spring 2014. Any one have any advice or insight into the program? when do you actually start clincals or the sim lab? ive been at NEIT for one whole quarter and im in the middle of my second quarter. I had to take a math class and then pass the kaplan exam so i got put back a little but so far with just the classes that ive taken i really love the school and my professors are awesome. i just dont know too much about the nursing program itself yet.
  6. by   LSouza
    I am starting in the nursing program at NEIT at the end of July. I am very excited. Wanted to know if anyone on here has any advice/things I should know before starting.
  7. by   ncolon14
    How much was the entrance exams and how much out of pocket did you pay for books, uniforms, etc.? if you don't mind me asking? looking into this school and want to know as much information as possible. How has your experience been there?
  8. by   kld0823
    I am currently in quarter 2 nursing so I don't have too much experience but a few things I wanted to let everyone know. First, in my opinion, New England tech is worth every single penny. There's no comparison between them and Ccri. Second, your first quarter is going to be hard. Nursing 1 is really easy. But a&p 1 is hard. Quarter 2 nursing, there is a lot to do. I'm not sure about a&p 2 but I'll let you know. Microbiology is fairly easy. Also, if you can get your liberal arts classes out of the way, do it. It'll make your life easier. Also make flash cards, ask for help, ask questions, and make sure you understand everything. Good luck!
  9. by   GadgetRN71
    Just an FYI, more and more employers are requiring a BSN now. I have been working in Boston in a traveling position and was thinking of taking a permanent job at the facility. They will not hire me as permanent staff despite 8.5 years of experience, a specialty certification(CNOR) and good references, because I don't have my BSN yet. I'm halfway through mine, but I have to finish first. They are not alone in this in Massachussetts and I'm beginning to see it in RI as well. So, I have to question the wisdom of paying big money for an ASN at this point. Many BSN programs have part time options, and many of us worked while we were in school and did fine, so I don't think they are exclusively for traditional students.
  10. by   nursecarol87
    Hi. Can you tell me how you did on the test? I am going to take the same test @NEIT next week, and would love some advise!
  11. by   belle1982
    I'm thinking of applying to NEIT, i was wondering if you can give any pros and cons please......thanks!
  12. by   Ms021883
    Do you have the questions for sience and math that they ask on the entrace exam? anyone help!!
  13. by   Ms021883
    do you remember the questions on the math and science part?

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