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  1. junebugger

    Specialty areas

    Most places ask for some experience I thought? At least that is what I see on postings. What is your specialty are and where do they post the positions? I find them difficult to find. Thanks
  2. junebugger

    Specialty areas

    I am a new nurse. AD in Nursing. Previous BA in Art, Masters in Ed. I am currently working at a small community hospital while I work on my BSN. At what point can you venture out into a specialty area? I have been working for 5 months, I need more experience I know, but ultimately I think I would like to work at an outpatient surgical center. Most likely for pediatrics. Right now the hospital I'm at I'm doing Med Surg. Any advice on how to go about getting where I want to be would be greatly appreciated!!! Thanks
  3. junebugger

    NEIT Nursing

    Looking into this as well. Why do you feel unprepared in the field? I was really hoping this was a good option for school. This will be my third degree and while other schools are options, I'm 35 and don't want to wait another 3-4 years to fill up with prerequisites. I've already taken A&P I and II... Anyone have experience with being credited for courses already taken? Those of you that have graduated... how difficult was it to find a job? Taking the Kaplan in Jan and hopefully starting in the spring pending I pass it. Any input on this school would be very much appreciated
  4. junebugger

    New England Tech in Warwick, RI

    Did you end up entering this nursing program at NET? I'm looking to start in the spring and wondering if it is worth it. I hear NET does a great job of placing their students for employment when they are done... true? Thanks
  5. junebugger

    New England Tech Graduates

    "Very" few jobs? Please tell me why so many schools are so competitive and if I do a job search for nurses a lot of jobs come up? I'm assuming you are a nurse? Why are you in the field if you want to deter people from entering the profession? I am currently a teacher without a job. I was told how many job opportunities there were out there... hmmm still no job. So I'm sorry, but I'm a little skeptical of your response.
  6. junebugger

    New England Tech Graduates

    Hi There, I am thinking of starting Nursing School at NEIT in East Greenwich, RI. Just wondering how many of you out there have attended this school and graduated? Also, how difficult it was for you to get a job. It is a very expensive school and I'm wondering of course if it is worth it. I am 35 and don't really want to spend a whole lot of time on waiting lists at other schools. I know nursing school is super competitive now. I have an 18 month old at home and am trying to weigh my options. Anyway any advice would be helpful. Thanks!
  7. junebugger

    New england tech

    Hey there, just wondering if anyone has graduated from New England Tech and how difficult it was for them to find a job. I haven't officially been accepted yet. I'm taking the testing in January. Nervous about spending all this money and not getting a job right away. I'm 35 and don't really want to wait 2 years to get accepted into another program. Anyway, thought I can't figure out how to start a new thread so thought I'd add to this one :) Ok, started my own thread... took me a minute to figure out :)
  8. junebugger

    Accepted to 2 year nursing school and pregnant

    Thanks for all the support! I still plan on starting in Sept. I know it will be no walk in the park, but I think I can do it. I'll have the baby in June, so being pregnant won't be an issue once I begin... I'll just be dealing with little sleep and new baby issues. Thanks again for all your support!:)
  9. junebugger

    Accepted to 2 year nursing school and pregnant

    Thanks for the quick response. I am looking for a job that I love... I liked teaching, but never loved it. Lots to think about still. I have a while until I need to completely decide, but I appreciate your honesty about the job market. I am hoping this next move is out last. Anyway, I guess I was hoping the job market would eventually open up, but how are you supposed to get experience if they won't hire you? Thanks again... back to my pros and cons list.
  10. Hi, this is my first post. I have looked at other posts, but they all seem to be very old... 2009 or earlier. Anyway, here is my situation. I was accepted into the Barnes Jewish Nursing program in St Louis. I was originally accepted into the accelerated program, but decided that wasn't going to work with a newborn at all. Anyway, I am due June 21st and classes would start Sept 15. So... I would be a new mom and starting nursing school too. I know this is my decision and I want to do what is best for my child. I am 33 and really don't want to put off school any longer. I already have a teaching degree, but can not find a job. My husband was in the military and so we traveled a lot... We will be moving again within the next 3-5 years. Teachers don't get hired very easily when you move around a lot. Ok, so I guess what I'm looking for is some advice. Has anyone gone to nursing school with a newborn at home or am I completely nuts for even considering this? Thanks