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I am a mother of two and hoping to get into Nursing school.

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  1. ncolon14

    New England Tech Spring 2014

    I am looking into applying for this school and was wondering how much was the beginning process (application fee, placement and kaplan testing)? Also once you pass so you truly get into the program or is there waitlists? Do you have to pay for books and uniforms or is it apart of the tuition? I know it will be a lot of money for tuition but what do you need to pay for outside of tuition costs? I really want to be a nurse and I am in my 30's as well with two small kids. I am looking into ALL options right now and hoping to get into something soon! I know they are accredited by ACEN but can you still apply to RI state board, because I can't seem the programs that accredited by the state of RI. Any info would help please and thank you! :)
  2. ncolon14

    New england tech

    How much was this entrance exam and how much, if you get in, are you paying out of pocket that financial aid does not cover (books, uniforms, etc.)?
  3. ncolon14

    New England Tech in Warwick, RI

    How much was the entrance exams and how much out of pocket did you pay for books, uniforms, etc.? if you don't mind me asking? looking into this school and want to know as much information as possible. How has your experience been there?

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