Does anyone know inside details about RIC's nursing program

  1. It is my 4th year at RIC. I have applied once to the nursing program. I was not able to get a seat because they couldn't accommodate me. I have everything finished, I mean everything. I have more than 90 credits. I only have the minimum GPA required, a 2.7. Last month I was diagnosed with ADD, and I was just placed on medicine a month ago. I tried so hard in all my classes, but got mostly C's in my science and chem courses. My advisor told me to take some classes over again. I have taken 4 over, and my GPA will still be under a 3.0 after taking physiology over this semester, I had a C in it. I am Hispanic, and know others with the same waiting situation who are not being accepted. Does anyone think it is discrimination? I even wrote a letter to the committee explaining how I lost my best friend the first yr of school, so my grades really suffered. Now that I am on concerta, they are telling me to submit another letter explaining my learning disability and how my grades have changed. I feel like I am at the end of the road. I am 23, and I don't want anything else but to be a nurse. I know if I do get in for this fall, it will be almost 3 more years! 7 yrs is crazy for a bachelors. Can anyone help or give ma any advice???
    Thank You so much!
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  3. by   Nurse-One
    I was in the same boat as you are. I had all my pre and coreq's done with an average under 3.0gpa, but was the minimum and yet I did not get a seat. RIC is going to be changing there requirments again, I'm sure. They might require an entrance exam, raise their GPA standards again, or have you pay for the nursing application like some schools are doing now

    Last I heard, most students from CCRI who were on the wait list came over to RIC cause student's at RIC did not have to deal with wait list; there were seats available 1 to 2yrs ago but now its even more competitive then ever.

    I remember hearing from students with 3.0 and 3.5gpa's not getting in (this was last fall 2007.

    My advice to you is not to limit yourself to only getting the bacholors cause thats what I was doing. Try and apply at other schools like out in Mass, if your can, so you can have more school options to choice from this coming fall 2008 or spring 2009. Go for the associates for LPN in the mean time while your waiting to get into RIC's program. (by the way, I'm not sure if your have your license as an Assoc. RN or LPN, but either way apply to other schools if you haven't)

    Remember, Rhode Island doesn't have that much nursing schools when you think about how small this state is. I got accepted in a LPN school. Is it what I really want to do right now?--NO, but its better than nothing.

    Either way, I hope you get in.
  4. by   Honeybunny6275
    Do you know anything about St. Joseph's School of nursing?
  5. by   Lilkay4
    Hey I am about to apply to accelerated 2nd bac. program at RIC to start in Sept of this year.. .. and my best friend applied this time last year and had some prereqs still to take but got in.. she told me that instead of a wait list they are now basing entrance on your GPA.. so those with the highest GPAs will go to the top of the "wait list" basically.. I heard that CCRI is switching over to this method too..

    So basically the best way is to either have almost a 4.0.. my best friend had around a 3.8+

    So you may want to look into other programs.. or you can receive a bachelors degree in something else, like i did, mine is in Psych.. and now they have special programs all over the country especially for students with a bachelors degree in something other than nursing who want a nursing degree... The programs are accelerated and very intense, but most of them are under two years long..

    Good luck.. maybe see what URI has to offer? or CCRI?
  6. by   laurainri
    please do not play the race card.... they look at your grades only ... not your last name...they want minority nurses... st joes is about 30,000 to go for the 3 year program. i looked into it. there is more than one school. it took me 5 years to finish my associates and there were a lot of minorities in my graduating class. good luck
  7. by   RhodyGirl, RN
    I go to RIC. I have a 3.3 GPA and over 90 credits. I am 23 years old. Applied to the program for Fall 07 and was not offered a seat. I'm waiting to hear for Fall 08....should be getting that letter in June.
    This has everything to do with a lack of TEACHERS and nothing to do with RACE. There are no inside details...these committee members are trying the best they can to accommodate people.....but when there are 160 applicants for 40 seats, this is not an easy task.
    We all have to just wait it out.
  8. by   ZhannaX99
    I am finally graduating from RIC (tomorrow) and I can tell you this: There are 3x as many applicants than they have seats for every semester and although the minimum GPA to get in is 2.7, they did not bring in anyone under a 3.0 because as I was told, they are "working from the top down". And over 100 people did not get in although they were qualified. The issue is the same as everywhere, not enough instructors. What you have to ask yourself is if it's worth the wait and will you be able to "handle it" with everything you have going on. The program basically takes over your life and you eat, sleep and breathe nursing. Good luck with whatever you decide!
  9. by   Nurse-One
    Guys look outside of Rhode island for nursing school
    you'll be waiting forever if you just set all your eggs in
    one basket, (unless you don't mind the wait)

    I finished all my prereq's and coreq's at RIC, but
    waited, and waited for a spot, so discouraging.

    RI is a small state; look at schools in Mass if
    you can.

    I moved out of RI in december to Florida where there are
    so much more nursing schools.

    obviously, I didn't move just because of school,
    but I'm glad I did cause now i'm in nursing school.

    I would love to have gone to RIC's nursing program,
    but I want to be out of school before i'm 30, you know.
    ***Hope the best for you all***
  10. by   RhodyGirl, RN
    I would like to be out of school before I'm 30 also....but I won't settle for anything less than a BSN. Moving is not an option as my fiance and I are homeowners and he has an excellent job as an Engineer that pays well. Another reason I will wait to get my BSN is because I plan on going to graduate school shortly after. I'll be getting my BA in Psychology in 2 semesters, so at least that's something. Oh, the perils of nursing school
  11. by   pondmom3
    i applied for fall 08 at ric also and i'm waiting to hear in June. Honestly I'm not sure you should have your hopes up too much. maybe try ccri or a different program. I have a 3.7 and I was told I may not get in. I know several people applying with over 3.5's and all of them are nervous. The program is seeing record applicants with HIGH gpa's. I've talked to advisors, the dean and other students. all say no one is guarenteed. the 2.7 is a the lowest they will accept - but it doesn't mean at all that you'll get in with that. sorry.
  12. by   cjcsoon2bnp
    I agree with Pondmom3 on this. I am a nursing student who transfered from CCRI to RIC in the Fall of 2007, right now I have a 3.668 GPA and I have worked my butt off all semester, I spent almost everyday in the library reviewing notes and studying with study groups and although my GPA is high I have been told there is a chance that I won't be getting in for the Fall of 2008.

    As for Honeybunny6275, while I can understand your situation, you have to remain positive and realize that although you have had a lot of unfortunate situations that you have to deal with you cannot expect to receive special treatment for your ADD or for your race. One of my friends has a complicated medical condition that frequently affects her academic life and her mother died during her freshman year off college. My friend is 22 years old and was told she would have to retake most of her freshman year classes to improve her GPA and she did, she has been at RIC for almost 5 years now and was accepted into the Nursing program in the Spring of 2008. So it is possible but requires a lot of hard work and dedication. As far as the discrimination thing goes the Nursing department chooses people based solely on GPA and I believe that is fair. While I can understand you have been at RIC for a while and have some things going on, I don't believe you should be picked to be in the program before me if my GPA is a 3.66 and yours is a 2.7 or 3.0, I think GPA takes away any trivial issues such as race or gender. And while being Hispanic does make you a minority in Nursing, I am a man and I can assure you that I am considered a minority in Nursing too (which on a another note, I don't know about you but I would feel somehow cheapened if I knew I was only accepted because I was a minority but thats just me.) So anyways, good luck to you and I hope things work out well for you.

    GOOD LUCK EVERYONE! Please post on here when you get your letter in a week or two.
  13. by   RhodyGirl, RN
    Yeah, I'm thinking a 2.7 isn't going to get a person into that program. There are so many other people with great GPA's that are getting rejected. As for me, this is my second and final application for nursing. A "no" this time will be the last. I'm done living with constant stress and worry, nevermind being pushed back when I should have already graduated. Right now I have all the courses I need for my BA in Psych for May along with a BS in pre-occupational therapy....then onto grad school. I refuse to let the nursing school issue ruin my life........I've always wanted to be a nurse.....but I'm certainly happy that I have a good backup plan. Good luck to all of you.
  14. by   RhodyGirl, RN
    On another note, transfers that are applying to RIC's nursing program need at least 45 credits AT RIC or else your chances are slim to none. This was said by the dean herself.

    I transferred to RIC from Suffolk Univ. in 2006 and I have somewhere around 60 credits at RIC alone.
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