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I was always a go getter, I did my work effectively, improved my self with courses, seminars, CEUS, and always wanted to learn more about my job as an RN...especially the practical... Read More

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    Same problem here. I have been in OB/GYN for 23 years - combo hospital and clinic - no one will talk to me with a "years recent experience". How do you get a recent year of experience when no one will let you prove to them your knowledge, experience, and capabilities? This is the first time in 31 years that I have not been employed and I am not sure what to do next. I have well over 500 applications over the past two months sent into the major institutions for a 50 mile radius. Nothing. It's disheartening knowing there are openings out there, I have the desire to work but the politics prevent it. In all.... is there really a nursing shortage or just a roadblock from the healthcare settings preventing nurses from working? Everyone says to take a nurse refresher course. Nice idea, except those are 18 months long and a few thousand dollars. If I had the time and the money I'd be there in a heartbeat. This makes you suicidal!!!!
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    Start driving to Ob/Gyn offices in your area and just hand out your resume. You never know when an opening will come up and they will have your resume.

    Just google Ob/Gyn docs and your zip code and start with the closest and move out from there.
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    I too was let go and started doing agency nursing. Pick my days and times. now looking into other nursing jobs not at the bedside. There are other area we can work in. Office jobs are hard to find unless you are a NP or LPN. The money thing again. Good luck.
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    Thank you for the help.....Being a seasoned RN now and I only have a diploma behind me outside of Supervisor/Charge RN I find it so difficult to land a job since I moved. Whether I am doing or saying something wrong at my interviews I just dont know. So frustrating.
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    Sorry I took so long to reply, I appreciate your input. I had 17 years of Geriatric experience and Supervisor/Charge nurse experience behind me. I too have put in I feel over 100 resumes, many in the same places over and over again!!! ITS SO TRUE....if they need nurses why dont they give the ones that have experience a chance to show what they can do!!!
    I deeply wanted to change my career outside of LTC which was a virtual nightmare. I did that done that and wanted to expand myself. Although sometimes I feel like I say the wrong things at interviews, or maybe smile too much because I want to impress them and not want them to think I am a hard nosed ***** which I am not, sometimes I feel good after an interview and sometimes not. You just dont know what to do. I am so tired of trying really, many times I just wanted to pack it in and work at McDonalds.
    I am becoming so desperate that I am willing to take non nursing positions which then they wont hire you because you are too qualified......YOU WANT TO WORK BUT THEY DONT LET YOU!!!! And YES, I agree, Nursing is expensive, especially with gaining more credentials, courses, seminars, refresher courses, CPR, nursing books, etc.
    I did land a job in a nursing home recently(which I didnt want to do anymore) but I said, let me try it again anyway it may turn out ok.....IT WAS A NIGHTMARE!!!....first day orientation, the nurse who was orientating me was very sloppy in her work and she had needed me to lift(which I can hardly do, do to past severe injuries I had from my previous jobs) and one patient needed shifting in a chair and another had fallen later on in the shift. the Adminstrator had told me it was a no lift facility and purely this wasnt the case.. NO AIDES WERE AROUND TO HELP as this nurse screamed out for help!!!!....plus she was not organized, missed many boxes on the MAR to sign off and was just snotty. Her assessment of this woman who fell was a disaster, she gave a slipshod physical assessment and then started to walk out of the room, as I leaned over to recheck this poor womans head, I found 2 big lumps on it and never even put a cold pack on her head for treatment. she never summoned the aide to come sit with her while she called the ambulance. Very poor management. I just dont know, its frightening and I really dont want to go back to that kind of nursing. I tell my family and friends, PLEASE whatever you do, stay at home and get care for, dont go to a nursing home!!!
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    Quote from Biffbradford

    I'm fighting this fight right next to 'ya. The applications all go in to this big black hole and the interviews are just to keep corporate happy ... the position has already been filled by an internal candidate, or maybe they don't plan on actually filling it at all.

    I'm changing my middle name to Sisyphus.
    Need a rock?

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    I thought it was me. I think I will buy that pic of Sisyphus and put it on a billboard next to my house.
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    Broadway, I think you need to find someone to take a look at your resume. I am surprise that not one out of 500 resumes had a bite. With as much experience as you have, intuitive knowledge that you accumulated does not just go away, and the practical knowledge comes back pretty quickly after a period of orientation. I think the problem could be something as simple as your resume.
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    Oh, could I give a spiel on this subject!

    In my case; last date I was gainfully employed was 6/30/2009. IMO, it's not the resume - it's the experience. Really, for folks that have the time in service it is just real, real tough convincing any employer that you're a worthy candidate - the implied thought is "the minute the economy picks up, this person's outta here" or "if I hire this person, in a year or so they'll have MY job". Among others. Just sayin'.

    The very best of luck to you - if I had a "magic bullet" solution for you, believe me I'd have used it for myself a long time ago. Regrettably - still unemployed.

    That said - in my case I got cross-trained as a CNA (among other things), and I actually almost had a job 2 weeks ago; only problems were (a) 1 star LTC facility (you could pick up the smell of urine in the parking lot), (2) 25 mile commute to work site, (3) $9.00/hr to start. Change any one of those, and I'd have been on it like a hungry bear on a fresh salmon.

    BTW - between my IT job search, my pharmacy tech job search & my CNA job search I'm well into 4 figures; off the top of my head, probably about 1,100 applications or so.

    Trust me - I share your pain.

    ----- Dave
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    Gee, I am in the same position. I can't get hired anywhere. No-one wants me, and it is very discouraging.
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