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What was the reason you retired, how old were you, and what (if anything) are you doing today? I have health problems that basically forced me to retire at age 55. I was hoping to make it till 70,... Read More

  1. by   caliotter3
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    Use the word "retired" when I don't want to say "unemployed". Saves the trouble of trying to explain why a nurse does not have a job. Getting very fed up with the whole process.
  2. by   Daly City RN
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    I "retired" from my stressful acute care hospital job at age 52 y.o. a little over eight years ago. I used to work for a very busy county-owned trauma hospital here in Northern California where I worked for almost three decades as an RN. I found my current job in home health five months after I "retired" and I have been working for the same home health agency for the past seven-plus years, and counting.

    I am seriously considering "throwing in the towel" so to speak, to be a full time "(nurse) retiree" to help raise my three grandchildren. I have joined a gym several months ago and this membership has been keeping me pretty busy while my 2 grandkids are in school.

    I have been a licensed nurse for about 35 years now, to retire is going to be a major decision in 2017. Hmmm.
  3. by   Mimi2RN
    #15 4
    I retired about 3 1/2 years ago at age 70. I had worked for the previous 20 years as a NICU RN, the last few years as charge nurse. My departments was changing, partly due to some poor management decisions, staff were leaving, some to retirement and others to different departments or hospitals.

    For me, it was the right time, as my husband had Parkinson's Disease and although he was still active, he needed more assistance. He passed away 15 months ago, after spending a few weeks in assisted living, on hospice.

    I have a couple of grandchildren, unfortunately several hours drive away. Over the years I have driven many miles to babysit, but now they are in their teens, and i don't see them as much.

    I am now a foster mom to several kittens, as I'm working with a local rescue group. My own older cats are very tolerant of their rowdy foster siblings, and are teaching them some manners.

    It's amazing how busy you can be when you retire! I don't know how I had time to work.
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  4. by   Carol Ebert
    #16 3
    You are right about being so busy when retired. Great to know you are having joyful days with those Kitties. One of my "retired" friends turned that idea into a dog-sitting business and is having a ball (no pun intended). Carol
  5. by   Rntr
    #17 0
    Carol, I wanted to touch base with you and see how you're doing in your business. Successful, enjoy it? Would appreciate a reply. Thanks!
  6. by   Carol Ebert
    #18 1
    Thanks for reaching out. Yes I love what I am doing and the fact that I am able to generate income doing what I love without a boss is amazing. Would you like to connect by phone? Let me know. Thanks. Carol
  7. by   Rntr
    #19 0
    Sure would, if possible tomorrow? Thanks!

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