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I don't mean your money! :lol2: I mean; how do you spend your time? What interests, hobbies etc are you pursuing? And, do you enjoy being retired?... Read More

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    I have done some volunteer teaching at a center for volunteers. I have also taught some at the university, for free. I would like to be paid for this but am glad to share if it will assist others to learn about dementia and stop treating our elders like children or trying to use reality on them.
    My retirement came too soon for me. I kind of flamed out after taking a job that turned into many. I thought about volunteering there, perhaps in the gift shop but like another person said, caused too much anxiety and I was concerned that some people still see me as a resource. I did not want to fall into a trap of my own making.

    For now I'll just play with my dog and enjoy DH.
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    As much as I'm considering volunteer work, I also think too much is made about retired people doing volunteer work.
    I mean, for heavens sake, most of us have worked since we were in our teens.
    Surely we've already contributed to society?
    Why should any retiree have to do volunteer work at all, unless it's their choice to do so.
    I've seen considerable pressure placed on people to volunteer after retirement, indeed, they are almost shamed into it. That's wrong and unfair in my book.
    Volunteering should be because one desires to do so and obtains joy from it. It is not, and should never be, mandatory!
    Afterall, retirement is supposed to be a time for US!
    Time to spoil ourselves and relax and be our own boss.

    My advice to retiree's is; do not feel guilty or be made to feel shame if you choose not to be a volunteer. It's not for everyone.
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    I just retired, at the end of Oct., from working in an NICU for 20 years and being an RN for over 25 years. Since my husband is working in the state of New York and we live in Louisiana, I am now able to be with him in NY.

    The problem is that his job is short term and I do not know anyone. I have been going to Curves, but just met some of the other ladies, not gotten to really "know" them. I know that this is not going to last too much longer, but it makes for long days when he is working and I am just on the computer. Not that I mind that too much!

    When we get back home, there will be lots for us to do, alone and together, such as working our way thru years and years of photos. I am looking forward to doing that, plus many other projects.

    In the meantime, we are looking for our daughter, granddaughter and son-in-law coming here and spending some time in NYC during the week of Thanksgiving. How fun will that be? Lots of things to see and do.

    All in all, I am still getting used to being retired. So far, it has been pretty fun, but I do miss the comaraderie of my co-workers. Thank goodness for cell phones and email!

    Linda <><
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    Hello Linda, BEST WISHES for a long and happy retirement.

    It can take some adjusting to, but once you've settled into it, you'll wonder how you ever had time to hold down a job! LOL

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    I also thought about volunteering . I feel that I did alot volunteering in the hosipital and clinics when I was a younger. I also tudored children when I was in nursing school. I think nurses give and give and it just may be time for us to receive the joys of retirement and life. I find myself busier than ever. We have been building our home for 18 years and I am finanlly getting a chance to paint ,finish the woodworking and work on the yard. Pl I have small business, a dog, excercise and play my guitar. Once in a while I will have time to knit and read a book. Life is so full of wonderful things to enjoy and it may sound selfish to decide that we are not going to go out and volunteer. Nurses are the most giving group of humans I have had the pleasure to work with. :bowingpurI bow to us all. We are divas!

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    I agree.. hope you enjoy
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    I plan on retiring in January after working for 34 years straight - more than 40 hours a week. I really will not know what to do. Fear of the unknown and the lack of security having a job now and not in January. The politics and changes in the hospital settings I will not miss. The patients and the care I provide I will miss. How do you deal with the change?
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    I have posted before but I will again on this subject as I am so enjoying my retirement from nursing. After 41 years my nervous system just couldnt take it any more. I am very busy. I do have a small business from home, I work out 4 times a week. I learned how to ride a motorcycle and love to ride, I kayak, ride my bicycle, read, knit. I spend time with my grandchildren. I am finishing building my house. The final touches will be done soon . I have my dog to walk. I am also learning how to play the guitar. If this all sounds very self centered I guess it might be as I didnt have time to do alot of these things when I worked, raised a family and built a house. I have a small retirement, social security and also small income from my business. It feels good to be healthy again. Traveling is also on my list of goals . Enjoy your retirement you have earned it. Sometimes creativity comes from being a bit bored and your passions will come to you in time. Give yourself a break from multi-tasking.
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    Thanks - As you know we spend so much time helping others we forget who we are. I forgot that person. My work is my life. The concept of finding me again is very strange and fearful. Will I have enough money, what can I do to still be of value- all of this runs in my thoughts. Family do not totally understand. You are right and thanks for your comments and time.
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    Here am I back , still retired but stuck with emphysema & 24/7 oxygen still.Condition deterorating with difficulty combining walking & talking. weakness & fatigue playing catch. Ob the other hand I am always grateful to have been
    a nurse wich has expanded my possibilities of passive entertainement
    Enjoy who you are & absorb your advantages.
    good luck .
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