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paddlelady BSN, RN

ICU, Trauma, ER, Peds, Family Practice
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paddlelady is a BSN, RN and specializes in ICU, Trauma, ER, Peds, Family Practice.

recently retired from nursing

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  1. paddlelady

    Sitters/CNAs: Thank You For "Doing Nothing"

    Care giving is sometimes a thankless job except for the pay check. It is wonderful that you have greatly appreciated this person. Caring for you dad in his current condition is a constant vigilance. I have been there taking care of these patients and it is second to second as they have a certain strength within their frailty and confused states. Whether it is the medications, blood gases off the charts and a combo of everything this is person that needs so much caregiving as safety is a concern. I wish your dad and family the best this is very hard to see our parent this way.
  2. paddlelady

    How To Get a Job As a New Grad Nurse

    44 years ago when I graduated from a 3 years nursing program things were not that easy procuring a nursing position. Yes folks 44 years ago. I was broke and living with my parents after graduation. No internet. I walked into what they called then the personnel office. No there were not hiring nurses without experience! Leave and application and we will call you. Well my parents had a phone and they barely answered it. I went from hospital to hospital. There was a nursing shortage back then . I finally opened my mouth to someone in the personnel office and said " how do I get experience if no one will hire me." Guess someone had a epiphany and said just one moment and got a nursing supervisor. Guess what she interviewed and I got hired. I could have stayed and been hired on at my nursing school but I did not want to live on the South side of Chicago. So I ended up at Cook County Hospital ER and then transferred to trauma. Wow did I get experience fast. So I totally understand what it means to spend the time and talk with people. I did not go to the floors as they would not let strangers on the floors at the time . So I was limited to the personnel office. So strange the semantics have changed but the process of trying to get hired and the stress is the same. We did not have intern programs back in the day but they were to start soon. I just had to post as the story reminded me of my struggles back in the day. I respect all of the new grads that are trying to start your careers. Best of luck
  3. paddlelady

    A Changed Heart

    Perhaps if you have time you should volunteer at a homeless shelter. Collect some blankets and deliver them to the homeless, join a program that will give you fulfillment. You can tutor homeless children there are many things that you can do. Yes, the world is full of injustices and if we all are kind to one another and give a bit it would be a better world. Now that you have purged yourself with crying you can see what you need to do to help those that you are talking about.. Be careful that you dont burn yourself out as nurses we tend to give but their are personal and professional boundaries that you need to learn and you will. Stay healthy emotionally and physically and they you will be able to give within your own personal boundaries . Best of luck to you and take a direction that fits your needs as you can see there is so much need out in the world. Paddlelady
  4. paddlelady

    Retired nurse having to return to work

    I worked in Seattle for 22 years and rode my bike to work. Commuting is what killed me with my last job. It was too much. It was way too long. I have clients of all ages. I do pregnancy massage. A few of my clients are physicians that travel so I only see them sporadically.
  5. paddlelady

    How are you spending your retirement?

    Never did get those big pay checks! Enjoy your retirement and the volunteer you do. Paddlelady
  6. paddlelady

    It pays to be a nurse.

    I got pulled over tonight for running a stop sign. I was coming home from Recovery Room call and talking about work on my cell when it happened--mind you this was on a back road with minimal lights so it wasn't hard to do. I guess it helped that I accepted what I did ("mea culpa") and was preparing to give my DL and registration when he noticed my uniform. "Never mind." The policeman said. "Just remember me if I'm ever in the hospital..." He let me go. I must've done something right in my life to have this "freebie". So..yeah...it pays to be a nurse...... Does anyone not get this. Yes it was nice he let you go. YOu were on your Cell phone. It is illegal. Someone could have gotten hurt. We are in the health care profession and are suppose care about our community and safety. Next time pull over to the side of the road and talk or use hands free even that has been proven dangerous. I am very sad and disappointed that most of the replys have not even understood the seriousness of your offense. Some of us work ER, trauma and see the results of driving and talking with cell phones. Wake up professionals. I leave this thread Paddlelady.
  7. paddlelady

    It pays to be a nurse.

    If you were on your cell phone. You should have gotten a ticket. I dont care who you are but if you have ever worked in the ER when there was a MVA accident involving a cell phone you would would feel differently. Pull over on the side of the road if you really need to talk on the phone or use "hands free." Talking on cell phones while driving is one of the most dangerous things a driver can do. People get killed and lives change. You are a medical professional you should know better. I get so angry when I see people talking on their cells with children in their cars. So what are we teaching our children. It is pretty darn scarey. As I said lucky the only thing you did was run a red light and no one was injured! Paddlelady
  8. paddlelady

    How Did You Decide On Nursing as a Career?

    Nursing is a great profession . You are always learning. There are so many niches. However, it is also very stressful and if this is something that you have dreamed about then no one can talk you out of it. However, there are so many wonderful biochemical professions. The study of genetics is blossoming , molecular & cellular biology. A chance to help cure cancer, public health positions without becoming a nurse. I think it would be good to look into some of the other fields before jumping into the nursing profession. Just my 2 cents. Paddlelady
  9. paddlelady

    Just gave up a decent income to be a CNA

    In this economy, it is NOT a good time to quit a hopefully stable good paying position. I would first try to volunteer in a hospital or a nursing home to see if this is really what you want. It also sounds like there is alot of family that would not benefit from this change in position. You cannot always get a job as a CNA or as a nurse. Things are changing people are not quitting their medical positions. Stay were you are at and be wise dont quit as of yet. Too much at stake. Sorry to be so negative. Paddlelady
  10. paddlelady

    Dream Job Offer - Horrible Pay Offer

    Maybe you just need to rearrange your finances and do with the needs and no wants for awhile. Heck , when I started as an RN I only made yes 3.05 an hour then went to 9.95 and then 15. It was only about 7 years ago that I was able to make a decent living. So I am use to working hard and being poor. Now that I am retired I an still broke. Not everyone has the opportunity to take their dream job so I would go for it and then hopefully things will work out for you. There may be other child care options. Good luck Paddlelady
  11. paddlelady

    I fainted today in the ICU!

    Fainting. I can see and smell your predictment. There are some smells that are overwhelming and some of those infections, viruses etc can really get to a person. One of the things is the ventilation in the room may need to be looked into. If you fainted can you imagine this patient 's relatives that may come visiting. Most of the veteran nurses are use to the smells but engineering may need to check the system in the room. ICU can be overwhelming and make sure you do have some protein and some carbs in your system. Maybe go back in small doses if they will allow you to get use to the surroundings. Your nervous system needs to get use to all the sensory input that you experienced all at one time. Take stock of yourself and see what you need in order to make sure that you can perform and learn your duties as a student nurse. I hope they checked your blood sugar & b/p when you saw the doctor after you fainted twice. I am assessing it was too much sensory input for you at one time. Again you will be facing many more smells. I remember making rounds with the doctors and you can almost know what the results of cultures will be by just the smell of room or the patient. I wish you luck . Keep a diary of how you feel in different situations. Maybe your sympathetic nervous system is overloaded at different times. Take Care of yourself your patients need you. Paddlelady
  12. paddlelady

    How are you spending your retirement?

    All I can say you must have have some passion in you life other than nursing. I practised nursing for 42 years and just had to retire. I am so busy. I work out at least 4 to 5 days a week for 2 hrs, walk my dog, play my guitar, see my grandkids, ride my motorcycle , and in the process of remolding my home. I also love to read, and travel, bicycle and kayak. My home has a garden and that takes my time also. You are now in the adjustment phase and most likely feel like you are not needed. The working world is very demanding and you body is also adjusting. Please give yourself time to adjust. Find some passions in your life and you will wonder where the time is gone. Best of luck Paddlelady
  13. paddlelady

    The single best piece of advice you've gotten/gave

    Best advice I recieved was "never turn a patient away and treat your patients as you would like you loved ones to be treated." Paddlelady
  14. paddlelady

    Why should I be a nurse if it's so awful?

    Whatever job you work in there are always difficult people in the work environment. I have worked outside of nursing and I can speak from experience. You just have to find the right fit for you. Throughout my nursing career I have worked with some great people and great teams of professionals. What makes it so enjoyable are positive , respectable, and ethical people that there are in the profession. Like I said you will always have negative and unhappy people. Please dont let it get to you . Make sure you take care of yourself and have a life outside of nursing . Make sure you have a way to deal with your negative emotions and not bring them to work with you. I could go on. If you really want to be a nurse and this is your passion you will find ways to work with difficult people. Best of luck to you in the coming years. Paddlelady
  15. paddlelady

    "Fired for NO Reason"

    What is the actual reason this person was fired. I am not taking sides. But there isnt any evidence of why she got fired. This person a new grad Ahh they feel invincable and able to surmont the "old" system and tell folks how things should be run. This behaviour is certainly not tolerate due to attitude. However, did this RN have skills or where her skills or attitude in question. When we get out of school we are a bit defensive as we are thrown into the pot with different staff of all experiences and ages. Did this person need a time for adjustment. Just telling a professional to get their act together is much to general. There must have been sometime she needed to work on. Was it interpersonal skills and bedside manner, or techinical skills and judgement. Her guard is up and denial can be a killer professional or otherwise. Clarification and facts would be nice in this case. Paddlelady