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    As some of you remember, I had posted a while ago about my uncle being a quadriplegic and unable to talk because he suffered from a stroke. Anyway, he has been in the hospital/nursing home since last Sept. and this summer we are wanting to take him out for a day. The LTC facility is completely OK with it. Today he expressed that he was nervous because he is afraid his bottom is going to hurt. We will have a ton of family with us to help reposition him. However, is there any type of special cushion that I could look into? I have no idea on where to begin to look.

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    I don't know where you live, but you can check into any pharmacies such as CVS. They carry things like canes, walkers, etc...
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    Are you taking his W/C, which is surely already fitted with a cushion? If not, talk to OT/PT or MD at his LTC. They will lend you something (ours would), or point you in the right direction.
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    See if his facility has a wound care specialist? I know we have air cushions at the hospital and have seen pts go home with them.
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    The LTC facility that he is at does not have anything and that is one reason why he does not get up that much. His wheel chair just has a thin pad in it and that's all. The family has told them over and over and still nothing is done. I just wish he could buy his own wheel chair, but can't.
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    How about a donut cushion? Or an ultra thick foam one?
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    Have moved into Rehab nursing some of the nurses in here have lots of advice and experience with dealing with aids and appliances or may be able to point you in the right direction
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    Thanks madwife!

    I did a search for quadriplegic products and I came up with a foam cushion pad that fits the entire chair. Anyone have any resident's or patient's use these? He doesn't like the donut cushions.

    Another thing, for those of you who do take care of quadriplegics, is there any devices that may be able to help him in any way that my family is not away of? For example, tomorrow he is getting a TV installed where he is able to change the channels with his head. He is so excited! One of the nurses told a family member that there may be other devices to help him in other ways. Maybe something to help him talk? He has a speaking valve that he wears 24/7 and we can hear what he says if we listen hard, but with the noises in his room such as the air condition and his oxygen tank, it's kind of noisy. Any other suggestions?
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    For our rehab patients, the OT's have a supply of different foam and gel cushions that fit the entire seat.

    Make sure the wheelchair supports his head and neck. Make sure his arms are positioned on soft cushions or pillows.
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    Hi, I'm an OT in a subacute/LTC setting, and first of all am really surprised that the place he is at does not have cushions. Most places will order new cushions if they have little to no supply. In all of my jobs, we were told that if the only reason a resident is not getting out of bed every day is lack of a proper wheelchair or positioning device, we are required to find a way to make that possible.

    As far as the best cushions, gel cushions are a good middle ground. They are generally very comfortable for most people who have intact skin (or small sores). If incontinence or wetness are issues, go for a honeycomb, as these draw moisture away from the body. If skin breakdown is a big concern, ROHO cushions are higher end, they are inflatable and tend to be the most pressure relieving. Just to warn you, these cushions can get very pricey. If you can't find any in a medical supply store, look at a Sammons Preston or AliMed catalog, they carry a wide variety.

    Hope this helps!

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