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I'll be applying to ABSN (or ELMSN) programs this upcoming year. I have been getting increasingly frustrated over becoming a nurse which is starting to worry me. The main thing I keep hearing is that nurses are mean and not... Read More

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    No. Can't wait to start my application to grad school. Been nursing two years and change ! Hubby already applied to grad school. Been nursing almost three years

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    Quote from eminthesr
    The main thing I keep hearing is that nurses are mean and not nice to each other.
    First, replace "nurses" with "people". Then, remember that really no group is ALL one way or another. For example, I am a nurse and I am rarely mean.

    I do not regret, in the least, becoming a nurse.
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    Absolutely not!
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    No, I wish I would have done something different. I love the residents and patients I have worked with, but tired of being expected to be supernurse.
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    Probably not. OT/PT is more to my liking. I'm interested in their roles, you're still helping people, but with much less stress than nurses for the same pay. I do enjoy nursing, but I think I should have gone that route instead.
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    No I would not go into nursing if I would've known what nursing was like. At the same time, I would not trade it for the world, the special relationships I have formed throughout the years with other nurses, patients, and families, plus the experiences and life learning I have developed because I am a nurse.

    For example I have learned that "life huggers" are miserable people. I value relationships and things that have eternal value instead of wanting to live with tubes coming out of every body orface with expensive invasive procedures. NO!!! I worked in ICU, I saw some horrible things that we do to people, I also worked a much better and much more rewarding position as a hospice nurse. I have worked in telephone triage, med surg, and now I work in the schools.

    If I had to do it over again I think I would choose some job that I could work from home. I LOVED doing telephone triage from home for 2 years, but my body refused to let me work nights. I worked night shift for 20 years and my body just said "no more". If I could do that job during the daytime, or one like it, I would be in heaven!!!! It was super stressful but also rewarding to be able to do good teaching and comforting people over the phone. There were times I had 7 voice mails because it was so busy!! You just have to do the best and fastest work that you can possibly do and prioritize which calls were most important to call back first.

    But I agree that nurses are just meaner than the normal population. Then you add in doctors that love to use us as punching bags and its just not a good caree. I now work in the schools and yes, teachers are stressed out too, but not to the degree that nurses are. Sick people just plain require a lot of energy and its such a crisis time and it sucks the bone marrow out of your body. But I just don't see teachers being mean to each other to the degree that nurses are.

    I also never knew the hours would be so hard. I never dreamed that it would be so hard to work weekends, holidays and miss out on family things. My kids are at an age that they are involved in so many things, it is super important to have evenings and weekends free for their activities. The rest of the world rotates on bankers hours!!
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    Quote from echoRNC711
    Make a conscious choice to be there for nurses coming behind you and renew that promise annually.(that has helped me a lot )

    Explore all of nursing that way you will remain fresh

    When your getting hyper critical its the 1st sign of boredom or burn out. Listen to it,move to the next area and keep learning.

    Being an N/P would be fantastic. Go all the way if it speaks to you. Choosing N/P or MSN is more about 'What is your goal? "

    Choose not to perpetuate the myth nurses "eat their young" or are mean. Few people are their best self when tired.

    Be part of the solution make it a goal that neither of these things will be YOUR story.

    The very best of luck to you.

    Being resilient is profitable to your practice.:

    Well stated!
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    No I would have chosen something else in the health field. Pharmacist, PA, Respiratory, anything except what I am doing. I am in graduate school and really hoping that I will enjoy it more when I am no longer a floor nurse but a NP instead. I also tell my kids to do anything other than nursing. It is a thankless and underpaid position.
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    Wish I had done it years sooner
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    no. I would not.
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