Which would be better? ADN or BSN?

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    Hi, I'm currently in high school and thinking about getting into nursing after I graduate. I can't decide if I should go straight to the University and get my BSN, or if I should go to a community college and get my ADN, and then do an RN to BSN program at the university? Which would be better/ quicker?
    Thank you!
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    Better depends on so many factors. The ADN route is definitely quicker. In the long run it may be more expensive to get your ADN then work, then try to take classes for the BSN. If you can possible afford it, I recommend the BSN. It is generally about a year longer, because both degrees require some of the same pre-requisites. Depending on where you live, many facilities are requiring BSN as the entry level for new nurses, so the writing is on the wall.
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    In my area most experienced floor nurses seem to feel that new grad ADNs have more clinical experience and are better prepared to hit the floor running. I do see many job posting these days saying "BSN preferred" but it really doesn't seem to be making a difference yet in the hiring process. There are many legit on-line bridge programs these days. I would, however, recommend getting some sort of clinical experience under your belt while in college so that when you graduate you have that on your resume, such as medical assistant or even volunteering.
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    well I myself am going for the ADN at my comunity college only to save money when Im done I am taking my bords and finding a job as an RN, to gain experience so hopfully it will be easier to get a job in a hospital when I obtain my BSN and take the bords, then going strait over to the university and working on my BSN. its going to take me about 5-6 years to do it that way but it will be cheaper and Ill meet alot of new people! I would also recoment getting your CNA between high school and college to make sure its somthing that you right down want to do. It will also teach you the basic care of nursing and get you prepared to see what its all like
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    Many hospitals aren't hiring ADN anymore. Go with BSN.
    I know of nurses with experience and have an ADN, and are going back to get BSN, they have kids now, and work full time and go to school full time, its more challenging. Just get it out of the way

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    I agree that it seems like ADNs seen to have more clinical experience than BSNs. That's actually why I chose to do my ADN even though I was accepted to a BSN school as well. my nurse friends told me that the feel like the ADNs are more prepared clinically. And I do feel the same way now that I'm out of school and working on the floor and not only work with other ADNS but also the students. Seemslike the only time I see BSN students is when they are following mgt for their last semester while ADNs we see weekly. Doing your ADN is a LOT cheaper too even if you calculate in doing you BSN after. When you bridge over there usually are only a couple classes you are lacking as far as prerequisites go and then the only difference is the BSN program you get management classes. For me it turned it to be a whole year quicker doing ADN then bridging over to BSN. When I bridged I could do the entire program online or go to class one day a week for 2 semesters. However like someone else mentioned, many hospitals are striving to be known as "magnet" hospitals which require them to have a high percentage of RNs be BSNs so they usually hire few ADNs if at all. Some will hire you if you express that you plan on doing you BSN or if you are already in a bridge to BSN program. Before you decide you might check around your area and see if they hire ADN our if they require BSNs. You can do that by calling the hospitals and asking to soak with the nurse recruiter. Good luck!
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    At your age- BSN. You will need it anyways. AD may be quicker, but it is a longer road when you want to go further, and in this field, most people like to go further.
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    Definitely go for BSN, your young and have the time for it. Plus most hospitals are now leaning towards hiring BSNs only.
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    Do you ever plan to go further with your career than just having an RN license? I say BSN all the way. ADN is just a waste of time and is going to double the work you have to do if you do plan on doing anything more with your career down the road. Plus, many places pay more for a nurse with a BSN than for an ADN. I know the hospital I work (a VA hospital) at is no longer hiring ADN nurses, only BSN. There's no right choice, however, I feel that the BSN will allow for more choices in the future.
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    If you were 35, I'd say something different, but at your age, go BSN to a state school. I wouldn't pay for private. If you can't get into state school, then I would do ADN and immediately do RN-BSN.
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