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Hi nurses, Wow, I never received this amount of rejection emails in my life. MY family and friends keep telling me to be optimistic but it's extremely hard to. Even when I applied, New York... Read More

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    Hey, so I am brand new out of school and haven't taken boards yet. So, I am in your situation as far as being brand new. I read your post and something stuck out to me. Well, two things. Yes, I think you should go on for your BSN and also, you said you weren't that great at EKGs. Start there--take an EKG class. They can be expensive but that may give you the "one up" on your competition. You aren't the only one who has trouble with EKGs; but you can fix that. Then, add it to your resume that you took the class. It shows that you are willing to further your education and work on your weaknesses in addition to the pretesting thing. I know where I am, the nurses on certain floors (cardiac, neuro, and maybe respiratory in addition to critical care units) have to take an EKG class because they are more likely to see an abnormal rhythm.

    I have found that in new graduate world, it's not enough to draw on your clinical experience. You have to sell yourself. It's okay to say you don't have experience but follow up with "but this is what I can offer you".

    From one new graduate to another- Good luck.
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    Hmm, haven't thought about it but will look into it. The most I can think of is Riker's Island, that is the closest to me. How was your experience is in the correctional facility? What did you like and dislike about it? What were your typical responsibilities and did they provide training? Thanks,
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    Yes, I am definitely planning too! I guess I just need a regular job at the moment so I can pay for all of these classes. At the moment money is tight and I am emailing and faxing and even calling places to make sure they received my resume because I really want to take an EKG, ACLS and PALS class, I agree that they will make my resume stand out. Thanks, wish_me_luck,
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    I worked in a medium security infirmary. I liked the ability to learn how to do deal with less. The least favorite thing oz watching people suffer as they die. Obviously you feel like you are the one in prison at times. Be prepared to learn much about mental illness there is a lot there compared to society. Pts. Lotta more appreciative because they are usually not treated well but you need to remember some are manipulative. Give excellent care but do not give stuff because you feel sorry for them because many have been manipulated into breaking the law. I treated them well but stayed within Ny scope of practice nothing more.
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    Forgot to post mostly medication pass in the infirmary. Catheters blood draws. Subacute care pts. That just came from the hospital. Iv starts btw really challenging on iv drug User. Iv antibiotics, stopping chemist pumps on cancer pts; auctioning teach pts no respiratory therapists; calling the Dr.; when what is an emergancy and what can wait; dealing with nonmedical staff boy can the Co'sbe dumb; ton on cards; no iv pumps so used that math we used in nursing school. Cannot at this moment what else sure there was more but am tired and post knee scope. I currently work at a trauma hospital for 1 1/2 yrs I worked at prison about 1yr. At least here it gave me the magical one yr. Experience and I was offered 3positions and had to choose. One hospital job; one subacute position and mental health organization. Was interested kn tjs hospital or mental health. Dealt with psych nursing for over a yr. Hope it helps. Can give you mord info if you need it.
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    When I said rural, I kind of meant rural NY, more towards the Western Fingerlakes region...than South Carolina. But I suppose SC is an option. THere are some very rural areas in the south true that might work for you...but I think you might try closer to your current home first.
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    I am wondering after reading numerous posts about large numbers of new grads when seeking employment going ahead and getting ACLS,PALS and EKG courses without having positions in areas that require these certifications.
    Is this something new??
    The reason I am asking is: In days gone by,( and I am talking about 2008,2010) we only got those certifications if we were working in an area where these certifications were going to be used such as acute care hospital peds or the ED/PALS: ACLS for the ED, ICU's, Tele units. and in these cases- the employer paid for them, scheduled you for the classes and you were expected to go- it was part of your orientation. That was my experience working in ICU/CCU and tele units.

    Most recently, I have been offered 2 positions in outpatient family practice clinics and the agency recruiters are asking me to get ACLS to submit my name to these positions. My response to them was "why?" it's outpatient family practice, I'm on unemployment and that $300 pays my electric bill, there are no guarantee I will get the position and if iI don't get the job, Im out of $300 on unemployment,and have a ACLS I will never use. Since when is ACLS a requirement for an outpatient clinic or doctors office- in both these areas, you would call 911. The drugs used in ACLS are not present in any of these clinics- some of these clinics don't have crash carts!!! most personelin these clinics- don't know what a crash cart is!!! so we now need ACLS, PALS to pick up a phone and call 911. It seems to me that some CEO's kid is now working in HR and heard the term ACLS and now wants to sound like they have a Doctorate in Nursing. Sorry to be so fasicious but after my 2 recent encounters on the phone with agency recruiters- I am peed off.

    It seems to me that these HR depts and employers are only busting bunns, asking people to get all the expensive certifcations with no intention of hiring the person, just going through resumes to pick out which cert you don't have and saying 'Oh we can't hire you because you don't have a certification in basketweaving" and excuse not to hire. all the while they are spending candidates money who don't have the money to throw away.

    Any information to clear up this major expense of a question would be welcome. As these certifications are quite costly. approx $300 each and for some one on unemployment - this is an outrageous expense and ......possibly an unnecessary one. To me this is mind boggling. Like, what are they up to now to not hire people.
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    this is more in response to kcmylorn. kc, I actually do not think these certificates are all that needed. If I was looking hire someone, the fact that they passed a class which everyone passes these days (ACLS and PALS, the new kind version, everyone is remediated into passing) is not that impressive. With no experience, you are correct, it is just a piece of paper. Now an EKG certification if you are applying to a tele floor would interest me, because it means you have done more than just school and you might be a better than normal new grad candidate. For most of these positions, ACLS is not needed and in a code situation, you would call a code and the ACLS certified code team would swoop in and take it on. But that is my personal take on things. No None of the certs hurt, but...they may not help that much either.
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    I would be thinking of moving if it was a possiblity at all. There are hospitals in Northeast Indiana that will hire new grads and the cost of living is less than NYC. In addition, it is close enough to NY that you could go visit family and friends when you get a few days off. Good luck.
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    Know that you are not only. I have a BSN and in Georgia. I have applied to to every hospital within an hour and half from my house. Only landed one interview, one phone interview, and one email questionnaire. It has been 4 months since graduation and 2 months since passing NCLEX. From what I have heard the job market for New Grads is hard in every state.
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