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  1. hi.. i hope someone could share their ideas.. I feel bad for my mom.. she's an RN/cali... she's working in a facility.. and she's been there for 7yrs...i cud say that my mom still love her job so at her age at 66 she's active. she's been loyal to this facility long before old management and changed new management..she was permanent night duty for years and along they had different DON's too..

    but the latest superior she had was not good.. maybe at her age she hears a lot of discrimination from this person.. even her being old.. her DON calls her 'grandmother' but she herself is old too... and much older than my mom.. my mom thinks that they have personal grugde against her and waiting for a mistake to kick her out of facility... my mom is a sweet, kind and humble woman... she just pray for people who do bad thoughts against her..

    the last night she was at work.. a patient complains that he has right shoulder pain and shortness of breath..1am.. so what she did was she took the patient's vital signs.. it was stable and O2 sat was 96%.. and patient was fine so she told the patient that his vitals are stable and she will give his pain meds for shoulder pain...and reposition patient and early morning 6 am the patient again complaints of right shoulder pain... she took vitals and was stable.. O2 sat 98% and the patient asked for pain meds and she gaved another.....

    so during endorsement from night and morning she endorsed the patient's encountered complaints to next shift..and told that there was no change in condition of the patient, while endorsement the patient was calling again.. after 7am.. so the nurse AM shift asked her CNA to do vitals and informed that patient is vitally stable... so my mom left after her duty.. at around 9am the nurse did not even check the patient when she came.. so after other work by 9 am the patient started to have changes so they contacted hospital and ambulance came they thought of patient having massive heart attack.. so patient went to hospital.

    the next day my mom was called by the DON and blaming her that she failed yo do her job... my mom explained that she did her job...vitals, pain meds , oxygen , positioning.. and there was no change in condition.. and they suspended her fron work for 3 days and the DON puts pressure and blame to my mom that perhaps patient will die at any moment and my mom got worried.. had sleepless night.. cant do anything but accept their judgement... after 2 days patient went back to facility ( so if he has massive heart attack then he should be admitted in hospital under CCU with monitors.. i'm a nurse too) after 3 days suspension the DON called her not to report for work yet until further notice..she can come back by monday, when she called the facility, she has no schedule.. days passed...

    my mom loves her job.. it's the only source of her rent, food, and send money for medicine for my father having heart disease, now sh's jobless.. on 6 th day again that same DON called again and told her that she cannot report yet for work.. she will call tomorrow.. but WHY SHE KEEPS ON CALLING FOR NOTHING... thag tomorrow no calls happened.. its been more that a week from the 3 days suspension.. is this unfair??? what legal action can she do??? she's like been bullied an mentally abused.. she's affected with having no work and no money.. she thinks that she may end up homeless... why so other people do such things..?
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    Lanie, start another thread. When I saw that this thread is almost two years old I jumped to the end to see why it was bumped.
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    Is your mom's hospital unionized? If so, she needs to contact her union representative ASAP.

    If it's not union, unfortunately her options are more limited as she CAN be fired at will if she did something wrong. Still though, if not union, I would have her call the DON and say that her suspension was supposed to be 3 days and 3 days are up, that if she is being fired then the DON needs to officially fire her and give her a documented reason as to why. She should tell them that she will be pursuing legal action if they continue to suspend her without reason.
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    Your mother should call and ask her employer if she was fired or if they want her to return to work. If the employer says that she has been fired, she should apply for unemployment, then visit a lawyer and seek damages for age discrimination. A patient can be stable all night and have a sudden change during the day. I believe that when an employer wants to fire or replace you for whatever reason, they will find something so they will eventually replace you. I feel badly for you mom and older nurses in general. The new social security requirements for people presently 51 years old, increases the retirement age to 67. I wonder how many older nurses will find themselves in this predicament, too young to retire, but employers not wanting older employees.
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    just today she was asked report and she was given 2 options.. terminated or resignation... she dont know what actually happened or what they are up to? well, people even same nationality when in power they forget from where they come from...... thank God the patient was very alive an kicking.... she decided to resign and now jobless....sometimes in your life you maybe at your lowest... but God knows who is good and bad... judgement from a human being is nothing... someday... you may be in power... because you have bad intentions and thoughts...but God never sleeps... He never forgets what you did... and maybe you may never know karma comes back to you it might not be once it could be 3x...??? you maybe up right now and tomorrow your down and will
    never get up.... I feel bad and pity my mom... when she comes for work her shift starts 11pm and she's at work at 9 pm.... she's a good worker... she travel by bus and train for workcoz she has no car.. for she loved her work and she vomes 2 hrs early... shame on you... at 9pm no RN's to hang the IV's of patient and you asked and order to hang the IV's and her duty has not yet started... because she loved her work she never complains.. she never gets absent for years .. me and my family just pray for her... she has appointment with doctor and she cant seek medical help because she's jobless .. it really made me cry... God never sleeps.. God knows what you did! leavin everything to God.
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    Lanie, start another thread. When I saw that this thread is almost two years old I jumped to the end to see why it was bumped.
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    She is 66. She may be eligible for Social Security and can also work with Social Security to tide over the bills. My mother (she is not a nurse) was able to retire from one career, got another job in another occupation, and was eligible to get Social Security, and still works with out penalty to her Social Security payment. She is the same age as your mom.

    What you can learn from this incident is this patient has the s/s of a heart attack, even with stable VS, which does occur. Document, call MD, supervisor, etc; even document upon report off to another nurse. Document unacceptable behaviors from management as well., and report those to the local labor board, and seek out legal advice.

    The best thing for your mother to do is seek out legal options, and apply for some sort of financial relief while looking for work; even your father should be eligible as well, even for Social Security. There are ways for them to be able to have social security help out with bills, even giving your mother caregiver status if he is eligible. It does take a while to process paperwork, so if she has no income, she can seek out getting state aid. Look into your local state and social security programs. They will help guide them through the process. Best wishes.
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    I'm confused - is this a current occurrence or not????

    If this is current, I would recommend that OP's mother contact her malpractice insurance carrier (if she has her own) and to refrain from posting on social media. There are several clinical issues here as well as labor issues also.

    Good luck to her!

    PS - Another example to nurses out there to recommend carrying your own malpractice insurance coverage. It protects you.
    Does it look like this employer will be protecting OP's mother??