Entry-MSN: Discuss Please?

  1. i read that other thread the yesterday and omg...

    some high and mighty e-msn student basically bashed adns for 5 pages, and also insulted the bedside nursing profession (i see the post is now deleted but he/she said called it "glorified waitressing") along with the physical therapy profession. iirc, she said that she would pursue a don position upon graduation while adns could do fill the "glorified waitressing" positions.

    i thought this was obvious to everyone but i see some people need a reality check. or maybe i do. not. in my professional opinion (as a former marketing analyst and marketing manager), the e-msn is nothing more than a marketing gimmick to attract a certain population into bedside nursing to help meet the demands of the nursing shortage as well as $upply univer$itie$ with $tudents/revenue.

    am i wrong?

    it's my understanding that the main qualification for an emsn grad is bedside nursing. further it seems ridiculous to me, that someone with a bachelor's unrelated to nursing, zero years of nursing work experience, and only one year of nursing studies (to qualify to sit in on the nclex), plus another year of studies will be on equal footing as traditional msn nurses (read real msns) for any clinical, administrative, or any other type of nursing position.

    in that case, sure it's a good thing for someone who doesn't want to go "backwards" from a bachelor's degree to an associate degree. believe me i understand the need for status. but how much pride can you have in a "master's" degree in nursing after one year of studies equal to a lowly adn program and only another for research.

    the cost and effort for the e-msn are substatial, esp compared to a community college adn program. the payoff/benefit is only marginal in terms of nursing skill and earning power. the only real benefit is that an emsn grad can list "master's degree" on his/her resume; but it will be a given for practical purposes that the emsn is not equal to the real msn. "status symbol" aside (if you can honestly call it that), the smart one is the adn who got the same position and skill for a fraction of the cost, with a lot less stress.

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    I changed the title of this thread to change its inflammatory tone. Please, I would appreciate keeping insults and inflammatory language out of this thread. The subject is worthy of discussion, but calling people "suckers" for choosing a given route is not only rude but not allowed here in this forum. Please read Tweety's sticky at the top of the forum to review the purpose of it and keep the discussions on a polite level. Threads that denegrate to insults will have to be closed and removed otherwise.
    Thank you.
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    I would say, the "smart one" is the person who does his/her homework and chooses a nursing education program that fits his/her budget, lifestyle and goals in nursing, period.
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    In my area, there is no entry-msn programs, so I haven't actually met a nurse like that... However I think it's good in that nursing educational preparation is quite equal to other professions (ie. MDs PTs, OTs, pharmacists, SLPs....). Maybe it's not a smart idea for an individual who needs to spend a lot of money and effort, but I guess it could enhance nursing profession overall
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    The poster you are referring to did humbly apologize.

    I refuse to bash any nurse who continues their education, whichever route they choose. It reflects highly upon our profession. However, I would like those same nurses to still respect those of us who have not made it that far yet.
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    Thread closed.

    Please do a search as this topic is already being discussed. Here's one. As stated above, it is a topic worthy of discussion. http://allnurses.com/forums/f223/att...ntry+level+MSN

    I made a point in the other thread to not bash others choices to build up our own.

    If a thread was deleted there's no point in saying "it was deleted....but it said........". It was deleted for a reason, no need to bring it back up again.

    This forum is for ADN vs. BSN vs. Diploma. Not post-graduate topics. Thanks so much for understanding.
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