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As of today, I am officially DONE with my RN-BSN program! Grades posted! It was only three semesters but it felt like three years!!!!!!!... Read More

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    Quote from FLgrl79
    Congratulations on finally completing the nursing program! I bet you're glad to be done with school. I just received my acceptance email this afternoon for the concurrent program in Orlando, so I'm just starting my nursing chapter.

    Congrats and good luck on your new career
    Hey! I'm a Central Florida girl myself- 6-12th grade in Orange County public schools and UCF BA. Where are you going for nursing?
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    That is so awesome!!
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    And to those who said I wasn't going to learn anything were WRONG! Lol.
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    congrats, where did you attend that it was only three semesters or Is all RN-BSN programs three semesters
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    When I completed by RN-BSN it felt like forever!
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    congrats. I am just starting my RN-BSN also all online it will take me a while I have to pay for it myself but I will get there