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If anyone knows of any hospital in the United States that offers a Diploma program or Certificate Program in order to get an ADN, please let me know. I heard there are not that many still around, but... Read More

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    there is a program similar to that in Phoenix , but you do get awarded an Associates of Applied Science (AAS) degree...if you commit to 3yrs of employment they will pay for your tuition, fees, and books and the classes are taken at the Maricopa Comm. Colleges (there are about 7 locations to choose from)...

    Richmond, VA has a diploma program that is hospital based: Bon Secours Memorial School of Nursing....

    just an idea...if you did obtain your diploma and get licensed as RN, you can always find an accelerated program to establish a Bachelor's...that usually takes about 18mos from what I've researched...that's what I may do...hope this helps.
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    Quote from uva grad nursing
    there are still 6 diploma programs here in virginia too. but several of the local magnet and academic medical centers are not hiring diploma grads as novice nurses.
    thanks for stating that info...i am planning to move to va and apply to one of the hospital based programs there and wondered how it would affect my employability upon, you're saying that a person with a diploma and licensed as an rn in virginia, could basically only work at bon secours but none of the other regional hospitals?
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    I am a Jefferson Diploma Grad and we graduated our last class in 1982. University of Pennsylvania is a BSN only now.

    Stevenson University/Union Memorial Hospital is a combined program in Maryland.

    Good Luck, but as another poster stated many refuse to hire new diploma grads preferring BSN then ADN.
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    Anyone has any info on any hosptails in San Fransico Area that offer any RN or LVN training.
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    I realize this thread is old but there is one in Indiana. St. Elizabeth School of Nursing
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    Quote from ChristineN
    There are several in Pittsburgh, PA. St. Margaret's School of Nursing, Shadyside School of Nursing, Ohio Valley School of Nursing, West Penn Hospital School of Nursing. All of these are hospital based RN diploma programs.
    PA loves themselves hospital based diploma programs don't they? *LOL*

    NYS only has one diploma program and it is located somewhere upstate.
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    I go to a diploma school in PA, mercy hospital school of nursing. Past few years there was 98-100% job placement within 6 months. So I acually think you have an advantage over cc and some bsn programs when it comes to landing your first job, I think if you relocate you might run into problems.
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    Watts School of Nursing in Durham NC. Starting in January 2013. Check it out.

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