radiology nurse? im need of some enlightenment - page 2

:wink2::specs: ive not heard of radiology nurses before but am very interested in them. is it similar to being on the floor? say, telemetry? im going to be relocating to new york in 6 months or so and was looking through the... Read More

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    I'm an ex xray/ct tech and never dealt with Rad nurses.
    Could've helped when it came time to cath the 'little ones' for VCUG's.

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    I've just started rad - about 2.5 months now, and work doing CT, MRI, Interventional (CT + US guided), and sedation for peds doing MRI. I do a lot of screening for safety, IV starts, and sedation. It is a great place to work but things can turn into an emergency fast. What is really important, it seems, is being very flexible and working as a team. Believe it or not, people code here all the time - not as much as in the ED or ICU but way more than a step down/PCU or floor.

    my main skills are: IVs, IVs, IVs. Emergency response to allergic reaction (just had one today in the MRI scanner next to me, but I couldn't leave as I had a sedated kid. Talk about akward...). Safe administration of IV contrast and sedation medications. Management of sedated patients. Competent screening skills as this can easily be a life saver.

    Screening is important. I can't emphasize this enough. The allergic reaction that I witnessed today was very severe and the nurse did appropriately triage the patient and knew she was allergic to magnevist but the MRI tech did not read the nursing screening document and contrasted the patient. Instant emergency.

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