Radiology Nurse?

  1. So my school in Buffalo ny has a radiology and a nursing program. These are two seperate majors in this school so if I did both of these majors separately would I be considered a radiology nurse? Or are there certain schools for radiology nurses where both (radiology is combined with nursing) as one major?
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  3. by   dianah
    Two very different programs, two very different directions for a career.
    If you spent time to get both degrees, no you would not be considered a Radiology Nurse.
    You would be a Radiologic Technologist and an RN.
    You will be enhanced by the knowledge but your position would be, again, either an RT or an RN.
    You would either work as a technologist or an RN.

    Tough choice! Good luck!
  4. by   Nursing pursuit
    Thanks for clearing that up. I've heard of radiology nurses though...I've read online that after getting your RN you can get trained in radiology and take an additional certification exam to be a certified radiology nurse (CRN). Does this profession really exist? I read it online at
  5. by   radnurse1963
    Yes it does exist...I am an RN, work in radiology and and took RN radiology certification so I am CRN, I work in outpatient radiology (CT-MRI) at Mayo Clinic . Many radiology nurses work in interventional radiology where more invasive procedures are done. Bottom line though you would be an RN working in the field of radiology. (if your trying to decide between the two..RN gives tons of more choices because you can ultimitly choose you area of interest and work in that field. (and I went to nursing school in Buffalo too!)
  6. by   Nursing pursuit
    That is so cool radnurse1963! So how do you get certification in radiology to do this? I've been thinking about this field but it seems out of reach. So now that I know you need this additional certification, what are the steps to get qualified to take this exam? Do you need experience or additional classes?
  7. by   radnurse1963
    Hello NUrsing pursuit....the certification is not a requirement , it is a professional addition to your RN.. that is recommended , but not required, in many critical care, OR, oncology....many of the specialty areas of nursing. To find out more about Radiology nurse certification you can go to their web site
  8. by   dianah
    Thanks radnurse!
    I never got my CRN but worked as a Radiology Nurse for 21 yr at a County hospital, loved it.
    Utilizes many nursing skills and develops others!
    I now work in a Cardiology Dept as a Cath Lab nurse, but we also cover Stress Lab, sedate for TEEs, help with EP cases and do Case Management when we refer pts to outlying facilities for CABG/AVR/MVR.

    Good luck!
  9. by   Nursing pursuit
    I know its not a requirement, but I'm really interested in this field. Did you have to ask someone to get certified or was it offered to you?
  10. by   dianah
    I believe one requirement is to have X amount of hours working as a Radiology Nurse before applying to take the exam.
    (there are recommended study materials one must review/study, as well)
    Check out the ARIN website (mentioned in radnurse163's post above) for more details.
  11. by   jeudepaume
    Hello fellow colleagues, Greetings! I'm new here in this website and I just want to ask if there's anyone of you out there who already took the exam in radiology nurse certification exam and already certified, can you please help me what review material is best for studying in preparation for my october 2017 exam.? I'm a registered nurse in the Philippines and also in the state of Texas,USA. I'm currently working here in Doha Qatar as a staff nurse in radiology department. I'm also a member of ARIN and I'm planning to take the exam in Washington USA october next year. Thank you.. =)
  12. by   crittleRN
    I would highly recommend the review course. I believe they may offer it online now. I took the review course, then took the exam in October of 2016. I do not deal with everything the exam covers, so I made sure to focus on the things that I do not work with. I went to those areas and observed, and asked questions. I also took the week off before my exam and went to the library every morning, and would stay all day. I did read and study for about a year leading up to the test, but for a cram session towards the end it was helpful to get away from distractions. There are a few different versions of the test...mine had several nuc med questions. But I passed!
  13. by   jeudepaume
    Thank you so much. You are a big help. Can you please send me the link of the review course?By the way congratulations!