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  1. Radiology Nurse?

    Hello NUrsing pursuit....the certification is not a requirement , it is a professional addition to your RN.. that is recommended , but not required, in many modalities..ie critical care, OR, oncology....many of the specialty areas of nursing. To find...
  2. Radiology Nurse?

    Hi Yes it does exist...I am an RN, work in radiology and and took RN radiology certification so I am CRN, I work in outpatient radiology (CT-MRI) at Mayo Clinic . Many radiology nurses work in interventional radiology where more invasive procedures ...
  3. Radiology nurse certification

    Thank You..yes I'm a frequent vistor to the ARNA web site......I was hoping to hear from anyone that has taken this exam already that could offer any suggestions and or comments...I have the core curriculum book on Rad. Nursing so far to study from.....
  4. Radiology nurse certification

    Has anyone taken this certification and can you give advise on study materials...I was going to take it this October Thanks