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  1. Finished my 2 year RN program...

    I’ve been through that and more. I’ve had someone drop out days before classes started and I ended up getting a spot. I’d stay on top of that because people do drop out at the last minute believe it or not. This happened on my 2nd attempt at reapplyi...
  2. Finished my 2 year RN program...

    Hey guys. Just wanted to post this for inspiration for anyone who needs this. I came to this site looking for direction after flunking out of a nursing program from years ago. I decided to come back to finish what I started. It was not easy to get a ...
  3. Previously failed nursing student needing advice

    I just got your post via email so we can still see it. Also, good for you, as for me, I’m on my way to graduating so I hope I can have a happy ending as well.
  4. So here is a general question for everybody. I currently have an active LPN license and I'm halfway done with my ADN degree. I'm aware that BSN degrees are more favorable and I plan on getting it but my question is if I need more time to get my BSN d...
  5. Failed out of nursing school

    I had to go through something similar to this. I withdrew from LPN med surge due to failing my exams and the second time around I barely passed. I would see if you can gather some material for the class and just study it over break or something. Nurs...
  6. What schools allow you to challenge the LPN boards in the United States?

    I already went through LPN school and passed my boards. I just wanted to know about all this for my information, that’s all.
  7. What schools allow you to challenge the LPN boards in the United States?

    It would only be worth it if you can challenge the LPN boards after the first year is done in a two year RN program. I thought those kinds of programs existed but I haven’t heard of them.
  8. What schools allow you to challenge the LPN boards in the United States?

    That’s pretty much all my nursing courses in my RN program if you have to finish all that. In my program, you would be graduating with your RN by the time you completed all those classes and there wouldn’t be a point to take the LPN boards.
  9. What is the reason you are choosing to go into nursing?

    The simple answer for me is because I’ve always portrayed myself as a healer. I’ve helped many people in my past with all kinds of problems so this field does match with what I’ve been doing as well as who I am as a person.
  10. LPN program in NY

    LPN will not make you good money. I was a Medical Assistant (not certified) before getting my LPN and was making $20.65 an hour and as a new LPN I get $20.45 an hour. Also, agency companies will screw you over as a new grad. I got accepted at an agen...
  11. What schools allow you to challenge the LPN boards in the United States?

    I’m an LPN already. I went to school for it and graduated from my program and passed my boards obviously. I’m just curious, that’s all. If anything, this question will help other people who are lurking here. Also, I’ve completed 5 RN classes after pa...
  12. What schools allow you to challenge the LPN boards in the United States?

    I know an RN student can’t just walk in on the NCLEX-PN. I just wanted to see which colleges and states allowed challenging the NCLEX-PN based off of some completed RN courses.
  13. Starting nursing school this fall. Any tips?

    Hey! Here’s what I would do. First thing, form a small clique with motivated and experienced people because from my experience, teachers don’t want to teach things like taking vitals so be prepared for that. Prepare to do lots of writing, memorizatio...
  14. Hi. So my background information is that I had already gone through LPN school and passed my boards. I’m in the RN program right now and I already knocked out 5 of my classes. However, I’m curious about this subject to see if such a thing still exist...
  15. Hey, so I will be taking my HESI exam right around midterm week and then I will be taking another HESI exam around the finals week. I just wanted to know how should I prepare for it? I just bought the red HESI book that was surprisingly thin but I’m ...