is there a way to get public health certificate w/o BSN

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    Hello I'm a recent rn grad w/ associate degree I have a bachelors in health science which is public health geared...I was wondering if there was anyway to by pass the idea of getting another bachelor to become a public health nurse. Any advice?

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    I'm not exactly sure what you are asking. Generally, certificates are only offered at the Master's level, not the Bachelor's level, at least that I'm aware of. I'm not exactly sure what a "public health certificate" is.

    My advice is just to suck it up and get your BSN. With so many options for online BSN programs nowadays, it's easy, quick and inexpensive. You can do it in less than a year, and less than $10K.
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    It says you are from California... are the requirements for states a BSN....

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    In order to be a have to have a BSN
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    Quote from cc_RN
    In order to be a have to have a BSN
    Not always, it must depend on the state. The health network I work for has in the past hired many associate's prepared nurses to work as public health nurses.
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    cc_RN is referring to the PHN certificate. In CA, associate degree nursing programs do not award the PHN certificate.
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    ah, got it. Carry on!

    Actually, wait - as I mentioned earlier, I don't even know what a PHN certificate is - is this something unique to California? Because I've never heard of "certificates" other than post-graduate certificates. Can someone please explain what a PHN certificate is or link me to a program that offers such a thing?
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    Thanks for defending me!

    Yes, in Cali in order to be a PHN, you must have a BSN degree and be awarded with a PHN certificate, which qualifies you as a PHN.
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    Is the PHN certificate a test that one has to take? How does one qualify to get this in California? I'm just very curious because I've never heard of such a thing.
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