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Currently we have jails to provide a majority of mental health services. In other words you may have to get into the penal system in order to get any mental health care. Is this really mental health care? Do we find skilled... Read More

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    Billybob, I agree completely. There are people who need to be confined for their own good as well as the rest of society. Our mental health system is broken, IMHO. We have poor criteria for who is a danger to themselves or others and our health care system pushes people out before they are stable. This forces more hospitalizations because there is incomplete basic eduction about the disease process, the meds involved and the return to the "real world". In the real world things have gone down hill due to the perosn' inability to keep a job, take care of financial obligations, work with a family, etc. We bring 'em in, med and bed 'em down, have a couple of individual sessions, do group with people who are in no way ready for group interactions, stablize meds, discharge. Repeat. We have little follow up and almost no assistance for those things a social worker may assist with during in pt. treatment.

    We have difficulty getting diabetics to follow instructions and that disease is accepted an insurance covers almost all treatment. How do we expect people to accept their diagnosis of mental illness when the rest of the population does nto accept people who have a diagnsis. The stigma is really bad.

    I believe we can help many more to avoid long term need for hospitalization if we are able to work with the person a bit longer. We still have "30 day" programs for addicts and insurance covers much of this. Why do we have such a poor chance of getting even 3 weeks of in pt. intensive treatment?
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