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Looking for suggestions regarding online PMHNP prgrams that are still offered at the master's level. Right now, I'm considering the Drexel program primarily because of it's nearby location (there are... Read More

  1. by   cocoa_puff
    Quote from Val1984

    Is the program @ The University of
    North Dakota online or in person?
    It's all online + clinical locally, with the exception of a week each year spent on the campus. Full time can be completed in two years, and part time in three years. In my opinion, it has the most impressive NP curriculum I've ever seen. Very intense and thorough. I would pick this program if I was considering PMHNP.
    Psychiatric and Mental Health | Programs | Nursing and Professional Disciplines | UND: University of North Dakota

    * I would check with your state's BON make sure this program is accepted in your state, and also check with the program to make sure that clinical can be accommodated in your state From my research, it looks like this program provides or at least assists students find preceptors and clinical placements.
  2. by   Val1984
    cocoa_puff, RN
    Thank you so much for your response on the University of North Dakota. I have more questions.... I hope you don't mind
    1. So are you currently going through this program, or have you already completed it?

    2.How much does the total cost come out to be? ..... Like, do you have to pay out of state tuition rates, since it's online?.... I keep noticing that with certain programs.

    3. Did you have to continue to work with this program? It seems to be very involved (as it should be). I just wonder, if it allows at least enough time to work part time or PRN?

    4. Do you have to work a certain amount of time as a RN, before you can be accepted into the program? I ask this because noticed this with some other programs.

    5. D you mind me e-mailing you if I have further questions? If ok, if you can please give me your email then. ☺ .....Sorry, it just has been overwhelming & difficul trying to figure out which program to choose, and it would be great to have a connection with someone that gone thru or going thru this program.

    Thank you in advance!!!! ..... Also, so sorry that I have so many questions.
  3. by   mar1ama
    Did you finally decide on a problem yet? If so, where are you going and how is the curriculum? I'm in the process of applying and living in Maryland has limited my choices of online programs that don't cost an arm and leg that also has a decent representation. Thanks in advance.