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  1. babyrnhlw

    Maryville v USA v Regis (PMHNP)

    Despite the 2 year psych experience requirement, you were still accepted? How did you pull that off?
  2. babyrnhlw

    MSN-PMHNP Program Recommendations?

    Hi there! I am considering going back to school for mental health np, and University of South Alabama is pretty high on my list. I would be so grateful if I could get your email address to talk with you about the program... Thanks :)
  3. babyrnhlw

    General advice - new grad in level IV

    Merenstein book is good. We were "required" to have it. Just go in ready to learn. Don't be overly confident. Ask questions. And ask again.
  4. babyrnhlw

    IV securement

    We use a tiny piece of silk tape to secure the iv to the skin, but not covering the site. Then transparent tegaderm. Then several pieces of 1/2 inch silk tape and an armboard if needed. Some nurses do a little chevron too.
  5. babyrnhlw

    Skin care in the NICU

    At first site of redness, nurse should let doctor know and zinc oxide will be ordered. Next is either Questran (yellow stuff in a cup) or stoma paste with zinc oxide (thick, sticky, beige stuff in a cup) depending on the doctor preference. If they are bleeding and absolutely miserable we will use a no sting barrier and oxygen flow to the bottom.
  6. babyrnhlw

    New Grad Interested in Becoming an Officer

    Thanks yall. I passed my nclex and landed a job in the NICU (my dream!). So I decided against military. But thanks for the responses!
  7. babyrnhlw

    New Grad Starting NICU Position - So excited!

    Thanks everyone! I completed 4 months of orientation and have been on my own since April. I love it and see myself here for many years!
  8. babyrnhlw

    How common is all this support?

    That sounds awesome. I work in a pretty large NICU. Largest in the area. Great hospital. But we don't quite have all that support. We have our own RTs and pharmacy. But no PICC team or breast milk bank.
  9. babyrnhlw

    Line Changes

    PIV - clean. Central and umbilical lines - We verify orders with two nurses, then only one nurse hangs the new fluids. But always sterile.
  10. I'm considering going to Guatemala with Refuge International in December. The trip is $1000 plus airfare, but because I'm deciding so last minute, I'd like to do some fundraising for my trip... I'm thinking I would try a GoFundMe page and then maybe baking some goodies to have for sell in the breakroom at work (if that's allowed). Is this appropriate? Does anyone have any experience with this? Refuge International helps you set up a page for fundraising but all of those donations go to the program. And it states on the website that they'd like us to pay for our expenses out of pocket that way any donations can go toward the program and supplies and such. Any thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated. :)
  11. babyrnhlw

    What now?

    Ruby, no worries Thanks for the awesome suggestions!
  12. babyrnhlw

    What now?

    Jedrnurse, I agree! I am planning to sign up for a class at a local community college
  13. babyrnhlw

    What now?

    Ruby... Thanks for your thoughts. Maybe you missed one of my previous posts. I know that I am not completely competent yet. I am constantly learning at my job. And like I've said, I bring my NICU handbook with me to work every day and educate myself as in depth as I can about each baby's condition. Trust me, I am doing my part to enhance my learning past what I learned in orientation... What my post is trying to say is that outside of my job, since I'm not in school, I don't have anything to do. Yes I could sit around and read from my handbook 24/7 even when not at work but the likely hood of me retaining that without having a baby to apply it to would be slim to none. So. I'm just trying to figure out what I could do outside of my job to keep me on my toes.
  14. babyrnhlw

    What now?

    Nursegirl, not a huge social life other than with my boyfriend haha. All my friends mostly live out of town. But the bf keeps things fun.
  15. babyrnhlw

    What now?

    Luckyyou, haha it's a level IV. I understand what you're saying. And you're probably right. But rest assured I know I don't know everything. Not even close! "Bored" isn't really the right word for what I am feeling. It's just weird not being in school anymore! Having the pressure to turn in assignments and tests coming up, ya know? As I said, I do bring my neonatal handbook with me to work so I always read up on the conditions my babies have. Trust me, I know I'm not done learning yet. Probably never will be haha. No need for concern.
  16. babyrnhlw

    What now?

    llg, all very valid points! Thanks for the suggestions!