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Forensic Psychiatric Nursing: A Unique APRN Opportunity - page 2

After thirty years psychiatric nursing experience in various roles, locum tenens is perfect for me. When I want to work, I sign up with a few agencies, tell them my availability and hope something... Read More

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    many nurses here are looking for jobs because of lay offs due to budget restraints. Our govt are feeling the pitch after years of frivolous spending. I have told many young nurses to look out of province. You have to go where the jobs are. Many do not think that far to forensic.
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    thanks for sharing your experience! It really helped me see the picture of what it really is about
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    Quote from royhanosn
    why does everyone compare reality to fictional shows as Law & Order. Its TV. Those are big words..must be big egos out there. Forensic science is good, but like most, hang your ego at the door. As long as everyone works togehter, and tells the patient they are full of ****, when need to be, it will work.
    ANDDDDDD...If you tell a psych patient that they are full of it, you might as well go home.

    Psych is a love/hate thing. Mental illness is an illness, and such needs to be managed. There's lots of "depends" in managing mental illness. Depends on if insurance will pay for meds, depends on moving patients out to alternate levels of care, depends on any number of things.

    One of the great debates in mental health care is illness vs. character defect. People don't choose to have an illness where such stigma is attached.

    Any number of mentally ill people believe themselves to be sane, therefore, maintaining a medication regime is daunting. Again, depends. If you or I were suddenly struck with a psychotic break of some kind, or depression or anxiety then we absolutely realize that something is off and need to seek help. To then be titrated down would cause some deep seeded anxieties. Someone who has been chronically mentally ill for most of their adult lives doesn't have the same frame of reference.
    So "everyone working together" is wildly subjective.
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    Yay this article is awesome! Got a BA in forensic psych and now going for ADN. Ive been very interested in forensic psych nursing and have been learning more about this specialty.

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    Interesting, I am at the same facility under Locums, also. We probably have crossed paths. So, Far, I have been there 2 months and I love the work. I do CRP. I am their first Physician Assistant.
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    I will be back in July! I have learned so much there. So far I have worked in transitions and on the the neurobehavioral units. I started studying the state mental health laws. A very interesting place. I will send you a PM (private message).
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    Dream Job. This is would really have been right up my alley. It is actually very similar to my job at a state psychiatric facility in the US. Thank you for giving us such a detailed and vivid description of your experience.
    I'm only a little jealous.
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    I look forward to meeting you, when you return, this summer. I am currently working with the CRP patients. I always look forward to sharing information with my fellow midlevel practitioners. I am the first PA, there. so far, they like my work and I find the treatment team to be very knowledgeable and cohesive.

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