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Here's a great opportunity for you guys to vent. I want to know what are the most frivolous/nit-picking complaints or comments that you have received from family members in private duty.... Read More

  1. by   Orion81
    Quote from crc2015
    My story may differ, but I had a patient that said I tried to kill her. I work in a dialysis clinic and if a patient does not get heparin to keep the bloodline system from clotting during treatment, they get saline flushes every 30 minutes. I gave the lady her saline flush and she told everyone I put something in her lines and intentionally tried to kill her! It was the craziest thing, but luckily everyone knew this particular patient didn't like ANYONE, and I guess especially didn't like me that day.

    It's funny to laugh at now, but at the time......

    was really frustrating to even deal with a situation like that of being accused.
    I would have then refused to care for her further for liabity reasons. Accuse me of trying to kill you!!!??? Oh he'll no
  2. by   Leno182
    Got a complaint from patients sister because I refused to wash the windows and chop wood...
  3. by   catsmeow1972
    Quote from Leno182
    Got a complaint from patients sister because I refused to wash the windows and chop wood...
    Chop wood? I’m sorry, was I absent the day that was covered in class. I also don’t remember it being on my clinical skills check off.
  4. by   amoLucia
    Wood chopping was on the same day as making big pots of oatmeal gruel for the wards. The next day was for boiling & using lye for the body critters on pts' linens.
  5. by   Beth1978
    Not private duty, LTC. I was written up for feeding dementia patients during night shift. Sorry, the last time I checked, dementia patients get agitated when hunger needs aren't met promptly. Agitated residents tend to agitate other residents, and there is only one of me and 38 of them.
  6. by   Orion81
    These are fun, we need more
  7. by   PeakRN
    This was when I was covering in the main ED of a pediatric level one trauma center, but I worked in a different department that staffed affiliated hospitals with pediatric ED staff.

    Another RN complained to my manager that I was making jokes and singing with the kids too much (these were songs from Disney movies and very child appropriate knock knock jokes). My manager called me on my day off to tell me this, I thought she was going to dismiss it. I got a formal write up and had to have a follow up meeting with my manager to make sure I was no longer making jokes or singing several months later. Needless to say I left that system very quickly.
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