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Why do these private duty home care companies lie so much? Before I filled out all of the required and extensive paperwork, I specifically asked ahead of time if they had the days and shifts that I was seeking. Oh yes. They both... Read More

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    Kyasi, your perspective is great because you are a nurse and you are in charge. That is how it should be. It makes sense. As I've mentioned before, I hope your nurses really appreciate you and your agency. The best agency I worked for was a little mom and pop one where a husband and wife owned and ran it. The husband did the business end, and the wife was a RN who did the care end. The wife, as a RN, understood healthcare and nurses.

    The problem with many of these other agencies (Maxim!) is that men with sales/marketing degrees are in charge of everything. They have no grasp of healthcare or nurses. Thus you end up with unbelievable things going on!!!! Yes, there are supervisory nurses but the male recruiters and director with no understanding of healthcare call the shots.
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    Quote from caliotter3
    Seems like all the agencies fight to go as low as Maxim with the pay lately. Makes one desire working at In'N'Out.
    There's no need to apply at In and Out burger. It's best to apply for a management job at McDonalds. I saw an ad this past Sunday for McDonalds offering $10-15 an hour!!!!! So yes you can make $15 an hour with Maxims/NurseCore
    or $15 an hour at McDonalds.
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    But I like In'N'Out burgers better and you can't beat animal style. As a matter of fact, I had In'N'Out not one hour ago on my way home from work. I wish I had eaten a Double Double instead of just a regular burger.
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    Now I'm starving and In n' Out is closed. They always have the longest lines of cars here because their stuff is just that much better than everyone elses!
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