Less verbal abuse on night shift?

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    I have heard so much about nurses being verbally abused by parents of special needs children. So I am wondering if I would receive less verbal abuse if I worked night shift?
    I heard PSA Healthcare has a few night shift openings and I am wondering if I would be treated better on the night shift?

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    I worked nights as a private duty nurse. The good thing about nights is that the parents are sleeping most of your shift. You have a lot less interaction with the family. The hardest thing about home care is family dynamics in my opinion.
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    If you're lucky, you won't see much of the parents at all on night shift past them signing your time sheet in the morning and a quick greeting as you walk in the door at night and they run off to their bedroom.
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    Thanks Krissy and caliotter3. I sure hope I can get on night shift somewhere. But I am scared about leaving my present job. I mean what if I give up my full time day shift and then after 2 weeks on night shift elsewhere the family decides they don't want me. I am full of fear.
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    I would work both for as long a period of time as it takes to feel secure in the new job.
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    Yes, that sounds like a good idea caliotter3. I will work at my day shift full time and then do part time nights. Once I feel secure about the night job then I can switch to night shift. Thanks
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    Just found this post today. I work for PSA & actually had them terminate a case where mom was verbally abusive to nurses. You do not have to put up with that kind of treatment. You're there to care for the child, not to be mom's whipping post.
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    So Blackcat, did you go to work for PSA doing nights? Are you sleeping OK during the daytime?
    and have you left LTC??

    And here is a more general question: How do you like PSA, and which office have you worked for?
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    No, I never did actually go to work for PSA doing nights.I just gave up my private duty day shift and went straight to LTC. I am still at LTC and am totally stressed out. However, it is nice to have some money in the bank. I work different shifts 3-11 and l1-7 and am sleeping well during the daytime. Now instead of being verbally abused by just one family member, I get to be abused by many different family members at LTC.
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    Nights can go either way. I've done nights PDN in a few different homes. In one home, the mother had a camera in her adult daughter's room (my patient) and stayed up all night watching my shift in real time. If I would pull out my phone to text she would actually call me and tell me to get off the phone. So it's definitely a crap shoot, but if you find the right case, it can be great. I enjoyed it when I did it.
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