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I have been on this case for 6 months. Finally there is another nurse to pick up extra hours . Mom has decided she wants the nurses to drive her kids to school,. I am blown away. The new nurse called the agency and informed me... Read More

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    Yup, we are always told Never, Never do this.

    The MAIN rationale I have always been told:...your pt is the one under your license. So how on earth can you give your UN-divided attention to her if you are driving a car? I gaurentee you..if something happens to the pt. while you are driving...you could lose your license..or even face criminal charges for negligence.

    So sad the agency would even ASK you to do that. They will really try to get away with anything huh?
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    undoubtedly, you must realize that the responsibility of driving the kids to school doesn't end there. for example, if you're involved in an accident your responsibility doubles, i would decline the added assignment...good luck in all of your future endeavors...ciao~
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    No, no,no, a thousand no's!!!! There is nothing right about that! If something happens while you have the kids in the car not only can you have criminal charges if you are at fault, but the family can sue the pants off you! No malpractice insurance in the world is going to cover that! The agency is so in the wrong. If they want a driver,tell them to hire a nanny!
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    I wouldn't even agree to wake the other non patient child to catch the bus. Those children are the responsibility of the parents not the nurses. Those parents need to do their "job" and either wake their other kid(s) up to catch the bus or take them to school.

    I am also chiming in on the never ever transport a client in your personal vehicle. I have been told by my insurance agent that no matter what waivers are signed in the eyes of the law in my state anything that happens while I am driving my car during work hours transporting a patient is ultimately my responsibility in terms of coverage, liability, etc. In addition if the patient is non verbal, has a trach, etc. how the heck are you going to monitor them and drive at the same time?
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    What are you signing a waiver for? That you won't sue if you're in an accident? Legally speaking, I'd think you'd still be entitled to workmen's compensation, as it would happen on work time. Or are you signing that you'll take responsibility for an accident and not hold the agency liable? You can't release the agency's liability for what happens while you're on their clock! Also, are you meant to drive your own car? Too many questions for me to decide whether this is request is as off the wall as you.
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    I have been doing agency high tech peds homecare for 20 years or more. I am not allowed to transport my patient in my car ever. I would go to the office and discuss this with the higher ups. If you are leaving your patient and the agency is billing for your time while you are gone, it is fraud, not just on their part, but yours also. Don't ever agree to that.
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    This used to be ok a few years ago. I worked for a national agency that had their own waivers for the parents to sign. I also had my own made up to cover me. I made sure both parents signed it so that one who didn't sign couldn't sue if anything went wrong.

    However, if the child is medicare/medicaid there are new rules about transporting a patient. The new rules say (I don't remember the exact wording) that you can't be caring for the patient and transporting the patient at the same time. Basically saying its impossible to do both at the same time.

    I would talk to the case manager and ask her what your options are. If you aren't happy, move up the chain of command. After that your only option would be to leave the case/company or do what they are asking and take a HUGE risk. You could also ask for another case without the complaints, which might look better on you.

    As for those talking about the fact that we aren't responsible for the siblings....it happens every day. Unfortunately the agencies will look the other way to keep the parent happy, while they put your license on the line. And because of those nurses who think they are going above and beyond to help with the other siblings, we look like the bad guys when we refuse. And guess who wins...."supernurse". Until the agencies choose to grow a backbone and stand up to these parents and give them rules.....this same kind of crap will continue to happen. Instead of talking with the parents and explaining how it all works when they first accept the patient, the agencies choose to let a problem happen and then address it. The only thing the agencies do is tell the families what rules they want the family to follow to protect the agency...not the nurses. But the agencies are afraid of the families because they know the families have options.

    Good luck!
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    My agency has an actual clause in the employee handbook "No supernurse behavior" lol.
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    Don't your agencies give a list of things the nurses can and can not do to the parents? We knew that our nurses could NOT drive us or our children in their cars. Nurses could not drive our cars. We could transport nurses when they were on the clock (going places, to appointments, etc.). They could not watch our other children. And we wouldn't want them too! If they were watching my toddler and he fell and was bleeding profusely how is the nurse supposed to take care of his bleeding and then suction my rapidly-desatting child that she is actually being paid to take care of??

    If you had an accident while transporting these kids, you lose all around. Your insurance carrier won't cover you, the agency won't back you and if you're hurt and can't work, the agency will fight to make sure you don't get unemployment.
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    Depends on the Agency Ventmommy...and ultimately the leadership. I left my first agency due to things like this going on...(nurses giving the parents hundreds of dollars..parents visiting the nurses home ect:redlight: and I felt that put me at too much risk..If the office allowed that to go on...then it's just a matter of time before something TRULY scary would happen.My new agency is MUCH better (not perfect). They support us with rules to keep Everyone safe...baby included. Yes, everyone at admission is supposed to have to sign an agreement that outlines what we will and will not do. The scary thing is their are CERTAINLY...alot of both parents and nurses that do not have a good understanding of what is ok and what is not...and alot of 'follow the leader' behavior...as in "Well, I saw Sally do 'X' so it must me ok..or Nurse Ryder told me I can do this so it is fine....I was at one place that the mom had a big list of tasks for us every-night, including scrubbing the room..walls and all surfaces top to bottom...and the office told her sure, no prob, we will do that...And I used to think..."Well that's great but how much attention am I giving your child if I am tied up all night with these tasks... We love Mommy's that put the child's health and safety FIRST and allow is do what it is we are supposed to be doing...and don't ask for Crazy requests that put my license at risk .

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