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I have been on this case for 6 months. Finally there is another nurse to pick up extra hours . Mom has decided she wants the nurses to drive her kids to school,. I am blown away. The new nurse called the agency and informed me... Read More

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    I would never sign a waiver. What you are not told is this: if you use your car while on the job, your insurance company will probably not cover any accident should you have one. The reason is your are not covered for using your car in business. However, because your are driving the children to and from school the agency is totally responsible because it is part of your job and they have authorized it. Now, if they are trying to get you to sign a waiver stating that you are doing this on your own time, that you will not be paid for it or reimbursed for the mileage/gas, then that waiver might let them off the hook as far as worker's comp and auto insurance liability. Clearly, the agency does not understand the prediciment it is placing itself in when it is allowing a nurse to transport her charge.
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    I am sure there is no insurance billing for driving non-patient kids to school. If you do and they are billing, its fraud. If you do it and do not include it in notes, its not ethical.

    Just say "no".
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    Quote from CapeCodMermaid
    I guess I was lucky when I did private duty through an agency. The only odd thing one client asked me to do was watch the Dialing for Dollars movies with her and then watch The Price is Right. She'd get mad if I didn't holler out the prices!
    The Price Is Right part is too funny!!!! If I had been in your shoes, the client would have met her match because I can hang with the best of them when it comes to shouting out prices!!!!
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    What was wrong with the bus??
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    The other children do not have nursing services then they do not get care. You are not there as The Help for the mother, you are there in a professional capacity for the medical needs of the child. I have found that a lot of parents come to think nursing staff is some type of maid/housekeeper/babysitting service. I would not be driving the other kids anywhere, I wouldn't babysit for them, I wouldn't clean up after them. I am there for the one client that I am getting paid to take care of/ entertain during my working hours.

    The agency has to have your back on this and simply state to the mother, " Sorry but due to the liability factors our Nurses will not be able to accommodate you on this PERIOD. " I'd find it interesting to see if they actually do find a Nurse that would actually agree. Somehow I'd expect not.
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    I would also be concerned that if I am there for another child that needs my medical attention. What happens if I am out driving the other kids and something happens to the one I am in charge of....you bet your bottom dollar that Mom would turn on you on a dime and your ARE liable for leaving the one you were hired for....unattended. I can't believe the nerve of people!! I did once get into an awkward situation...(early in my career)...my patient had to go to the hospital emergency (vent dependent myelomeningocele) and then flown to the major medical . I went to leave after cleaning up the mess in her room and I heard a baby cry......The Mom/family had forgotten the baby, at home. My agency paid me to stay there until family could retrieve the baby and told me in no way place that child in my car and assume that responsibility.

    If it came between doing wha tthe parent wanted or finding another job....I'd start buffing up my resume.
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    Don't sign the waiver. Don't drive the kids. Let the new nurse have the case.

    A previous poster indicated that using your car for business purposes and transporting children (not your own and not a carpool) is probably not covered in your auto insurance policy.

    If you have an accident with those kids in the car, you may not be covered. And even without an accident, if your auto insurance company finds out that you are using your car for purposes not covered in your policy, you may be dropped from coverage.

    Not worth it.
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    Don't sign the waiver. Insist that your company add the driving duty in writing, if they insist on having you do it. Send an email stating your concerns and save it.
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    I have to ask if you are out of your mind?! Listen to your inner nurse who is screaming "run away!". I do private duty and at my agency we do transport clients. This is a heavily contracted part of my job. Clients - CLIENTS- sign the contracts and waivers. They assume all responsibility financial or otherwise. Because it is part of my duties, I am covered by workers comp and released of liability for any injury or property damage. That being said, I never accept an assignment where I have to transport anyone. I just won't assume that liability! Don't risk your license. I know you adore your little one, but this job is not forever. Your employer should be ashamed to put you in such a position.
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    No, no no!!! No waiver, no kids in your car, not today, tomorrow, next week!!! NO!!!!

    Your insurance co. would not be happy. Your agency is not looking out for you, that is for sure!!!
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